Avatar & Signature Guidelines

Avatars & Signatures are checked on a regular basis, and any found non-conforming will be removed.

Avatars and Signatures MAY NOT contain Advertising for your business, commerical website or website deemed to be in direct competition with nissansilvia.com. *

Avatars and Signatures MAY NOT contain not work safe (NWS) material. This means no nudity at all.

Vulgar, sexually suggestive, offensive or defamatory images are also not allowed in avatars and signatures.

Avatars containing questionable content are subject to the discretion of the Moderator Team.

If you have a picture you wish to use as an avatar, but are unsure as to the acceptability of it, please PM it to a Moderator. We endeavor to allow you to use whatever you like, and will only deny a picture if it is of genuine concern.

*forum sponsors are exempt


Avatars are automatically resized to 120 pixels in width and 120 pixels in height, unless the dimensions of the image are smaller.

Their size must not be greater than 50k.



Signatures must not exceed 550 pixels in width and 50 pixels in height.

Their size must not be greater than 50k.