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Posting in inappropriate Forums and Threads

Please select the correct forum for your thread. Posts in the incorrect area will be either moved or deleted possibly with or without warning.
Please do NOT hijack a thread. If it is not your thread to vary the topic, do not. Posts will be deleted without warning.


Nissansilvia.com members are allowed to use one account. Any member found to have multiple accounts will have their accounts banned, possibly without notification to the offender. A second account for the one member is considered trolling.
Attempting to instigate problems or discontent on nissansilvia.com (trolling) will result in a two (2) day suspension.

Not Work Safe (NWS) Material

Must only appear in the Off Topic category ONLY, as long as the Title of the Thread contains "NWS" (Not work safe.), and displays the NWS Not Work Safe Icon..

The following are allowed:

Tasteful Nudity.
Bad language.

The following are NOT allowed to be displayed under any circumstances (even linked to):

Nudity including Genetalia (of female OR male).
(R-rated in SA, X-rated in US standards.)

Porn or any sexual acts. (Kissing is obviously ok. Sexually touching is not.)

Disgusting pics. (Tubgirl, goatsecx etc.)

Posting of nudity or any potentially not safe for work material in a thread NOT marked with NWS in the title is not allowed.