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  1. manifold pressure

    Probably a cooler piping leaking
  2. manifold pressure

    Well you would have 0 vacuum on full throttle until u came on boost then would show positive pressure
  3. manifold pressure

    Manifold pressure is vacuum lol wen the throttle is wide open u have 0 vacuum
  4. Removing sr20

    Lol u prob should have taken the shifter out, ah well so much easier all as1 rather than pulling the box out on the ground, that sucks lol
  5. manifold pressure

    Ye it's a boost gauge without showing positive pressure ska boost lol another words pretty much for n/a cars
  6. How much hp to drift

    Lol stock power is good, dnt need big power number, I reckon if u learn with less power u learn to use the car more n it's weight not just power sliding
  7. Nismo Reinforced pivot

    Ye I kno eh match gears...
  8. DRift flutes

    Straight pipes r tough lol twin or single
  9. My RB Bluebird

    I've got an rb20 forsale...
  10. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Sex on wheels!!
  11. Just saw a dude smash his Ferrari

    Lol prob cost 10k for the door
  12. gtr r35 or 350z for hire

    Lol I've got 500,000k u can borrow NOT!! Lol I wish
  13. Tie-rod ends

    I'm gna get oem ones for my 32, I think the $200 can b spent well other ways
  14. car not starting :S

    I'd say immobilized but culd b battery
  15. What Is Your Favorite Rims Of All Time

    Te37, gt c's n gram lights N miesters
  16. Rear Cradle Bushes

    Ive got solid collars in my 32, feels so much more responsive n solid in the arse!!
  17. the power of the badge

    Wish I had a badge to tell cops to move along when they defect me lol
  18. stretching tyres on 10 inch rim

    Flares would look killa!!
  19. Radiator Repairs

  20. Rubber lined wheel brace

    U could just but electrical tape in the socket part.. Dunno tho lol