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  1. I'm going to say no due to the fact handbrakes need to be mechanical, hydraulics tend to fail when pressurized for a long period( fluid leaks past the seals slowly)
  2. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Flip the oil cooler 90deg, feed line on the bottom so it bleeds the air out
  3. RB pumps and exhausts the same?

    Pretty sure turbo manifolds are the same but unsure about NA stuff
  4. RB pumps and exhausts the same?

    All rb25 exhaust manifold flanges are the same
  5. Depends how the joints are made, Cusco and many jap cages can move like no tomorrow, mine from buddy parts has two hook looking bits welded onto the bars which lock into each other having no movement at all, harder to install but well worth it
  6. Which turbo ?

    Tomei m7960 arms, I have one forsale
  7. R32 GTR swaybar brackets

    For the D bushes? Pretty sure the gtst/s13 ones will fit as the internal diameter is different not the outer
  8. kris's A31 Cefiro

    I bought a similar thing from Pickering, small blue box reads water temp n a few others, best to have water temp from ecu with a digital readout IMO
  9. rear sway bar

    White line one, aswell as the D bushes being yellow
  10. Sounds like radiator cap is f**ked to me
  11. Where did u get ur clutch from? How much
  12. 180sx track bit$ch

    f**k, I'm taking 5 Jerry's and full tank, I'm on 98 too... Lol plus bout 7-8 pairs of tyres. It's a long day of thrashing Your car makes a lot more power than mine so I would go at least 2-3 new pairs. Fuel on the other hand, hard to say as your using e85 I normally use a full tank and take 20ltr jerry to be safe.
  13. 180sx track bit$ch

    Black 180 at Jaustech today? If so looks good
  14. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Ye I had jinyus and they last for ever lol, did a whole drift prac on One pair
  15. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Get atrs n get some 123s to try win win
  16. VCT fail

    Yeah brand new genuine ones
  17. VCT fail

    Taark sell em for like 400
  18. e85! can i?

    I've got t67 with walbro and 850s, I'm gna get dual 044s with surge n e85, not really keen on getting bigger injectors tho lol
  19. I ended up using a big ass lever bar, which is sorta like a crowbar, worked pretty well
  20. G1 Round 2, July 1st

    Should just enter the missile simo
  21. I'm pretty sure ur meant to mount it so there is one fitting up to and one down the bottom, the feed going in the bottom and turn out the top if that makes sence. This bleeds all the air out
  22. Black 32 is me lol I feel like I'm stalking u now aha