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  1. Caliper Clearance?

    Depends on the rims. My 17s didn't clear the z32 calipers after i put them on and required a 2mm spacer (i could have ground down the lettering but i like it). I now run 350z rims and there isn't a problem.
  2. Things to do before you die.

    Not all that expensive.... travel to Russia and they take you up in MiG's: Fly to the edge of space!
  3. South America is a wonderful place..... i plan on doing the east coast of SA with my Chilean fiance on our bikes after we get married. Don't strike of Colombia just because someone who has never been is telling you its bad.... Head over to the Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board (the HUBB). Check out the South America section there as there is an absolute goldmine of information there from travelers that have actually been through the areas (quite motorcycle centric, but it will still be an invaluable resource). Just do your research before you go and you will be fine. *Edit - I.e. This Thread on the HUBB though from mid last year has some decent advice regarding Colombia. As recommended in the thread try contacting people from the HU community in the countries you are travelling to for up-to-date info.
  4. documentary junkie?

    Inside Job was excellent! If you can spare a few bucks, why not go and watch it on the big screen at Hoyts - Broadway. It's also available through Amazon on DVD. *edit - just realised your in vic lol - i'm sure there is a cinema showing it down there still either way.
  5. LOl at NS targetted advertising!
  6. Migrating to the cloud

    Your comment on the infrastructure outage is spot on, as its the same infrastructure either way. The security problem is exacerbated when you consider that the technology would likely be implemented in a virtualised environment, where you have no control over the other virtual machines on the same machine or indeed over the host system itself. The HBGary breaches are an example of how easy it is for determined individuals to find cracks in a dam when security or system implementation is left to others, and that is a company that's *apparently* at the pointy end of the infosec field, imagine joe bloggs server hosting company that provides virtual servers for your cloud environment. There's no point in having great protocols if they are poorly implemented. It's when the implementation of those security systems is not in your control and completely opaque that i would begin to have serious concerns. Don't get me wrong, i think cloud computing definitely has its place, but i don't think it will ever be as a mainstream business solution. Why am i reminded by people all through computing history shooting down idea's and being wrong right now lol. *Edit - I added some content for clarification.
  7. Migrating to the cloud

    I have strong reservations about the dumb terminal/mainframe style topology taking over again (i.e. cloud computing).... The lack of security and direct control over infrastructure that is inherent in cloud implementations are some of its major drawbacks. Remember thin clients were all the rage for a while too and that also died in the arse. *Edit - Maybe i should read more of the thread before i post so as not to re-iterate what others have said. Oh Wells.... You can't always go off those SLA's though, remember when Optus had one of its major links cut and a whole lot of Brisbane went offline because the backup system that Optus had in place also failed: http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/story/2008/07/16/optus/ There was also a time not so long ago in Sydney when some construction workers cut optical fiber cables that belonged to Telstra, bringing down many businesses with it. The list goes on.....
  8. Vinyl wrap car

    What sort of lifespan are people with full wraps generally looking at before the vinyl starts to look shitty?
  9. Fastest Learner Bike Opinions

    What he said! I still ride my GS500F and i'm fully licenced.... not everyone moves on after 12 months. I also haven't dropped my bike, ever regardless of its extra weight over a 250 - same goes for my fiance who rides a ZZR250. I think the whole dropping thing is a big myth propagated by people who have dropped their bikes and don't want to feel silly. That said, if your coming from zero riding experience (i.e. no trail bike riding etc...) then you may want to aim for a naked just in case, because as mentioned plastic fairings cost a montsa to repair. Another thing to consider with LAMs being around for so long is perhaps something like a GSX650F or SV-650 which is restricted and can be de-restricted once your off your L's - saving you the cost of buying another bike. The correct gear is important as well, and you shouldn't skimp here either. For helmets refer to the SHARP helmet safety scheme from the UK to get an idea of their safety, and dont believe the Shoei or Arai speils they sales guys give you its something they are trained word for word to say to sell their expensive gear. What Del says is true, though the European standards for Abrasion resistance and Burst strength are stated by time. To give you an idea, denim jeans last approx 0.5seconds in the test, which is designed to simulate a decent off, and thus far nothing has beaten leathers. Draggin jeans are also the only type of motorcycle jeans to meet the EN 13595-1 certification for abrasion and burst strength. Aside from all of that, get yourself into some courses - superbike school, HART, whatever! Skills learnt on these courses will make you a far more competent rider, plus they are a lot of fun.
  10. CREEPING ad on tv

    Drink driving ad that was on TV in NZ when i was over there last was a pretty good one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdRZhfWFPHE
  11. The Youtube Thread

    There's no way that shit is healthy!!
  12. The Youtube Thread

  13. Show me your mouse....

    Ahhh, fair enough.... I still use the ctrl key for horizontal scrolling and the alt key for zoom in PS out of habit - though i might try your suggestion. I use all the extra wheel and buttons for different actions in games lol.
  14. Egypt: Revolution 2.0

    Interesting opinion piece on Al Jazeera about "Pan-Arabism" related to what you say: Al Jazeera Article
  15. Show me your mouse....

    ^^ Looks like the new version of my current mouse perhaps? I have the Logitech MX Revolution - very comfortable and precise:
  16. Egypt: Revolution 2.0

    Exciting times! Head over to http://www.democracynow.org/ (Egypt Specific Link) for some decent coverage of Egypt. It's been the best i have viewed from any source. If others have good sources post them up too please =) Never heard of the Suez canal?? Plus its nice little location in the Middle East? Also interesting when you look into the US connections with Mubarak and also his newly appointed vice Omar Suleiman.
  17. Face book f**ked my hard drive?

    At the moment I'm a Microsoft admin, but I'm looking at changing direction towards either Linux or DBA, both of which I dabble in a little at work and have caught my interest. Not sure which way to go, yet. Are you a professional nerd as well? ... I was an administrator in a Microsoft environment for several years, however i am now in the last year of a computer science degree. My hope was to get out of network administration and into databases and/or programming - both of which have always been somewhat of a passion. I found that being an administrator started to make me feel soft in the melon, so wanted to pursue something a little more challenging and engaging. Lol, in the last year the majority of the drives i have needed to replace have been WD drives. Though i must admit the stuff up Seagate had with the firmware on their 1.5TB drives was disgraceful. I still prefer to use Seagate or Samsung for my own personal machines. I have 15.5k Seagate Cheetah SAS drives in my server - never had any issues with them (as yet).
  18. my university portfolio intro letter

    For god's sake use your bloody spell checker before you send anything off!! Nothing shouts out "I'm not academic material", like a letter created with poor spelling. In this day and age there is no excuse for not hitting that F7 key before you finalise your document.
  19. Live tracking a car

    A good mate of mine offers this solution: Nexus GPS He targets company fleets mostly but i'm sure he would do retail sales as well.
  20. Face book f**ked my hard drive?

    Some people drive cars and fix computers, while others fix cars and drive computers. If you don't wanna be around nerds, what are you doing on a forum? I like the cut of your jib! Yeah the freezer trick is a method of last resort, and if its all that is left its worth a try... Unfortunately it usually takes something like this before people realise that backing your stuff up should not be an afterthought. What's your position in the industry?
  21. Face book f**ked my hard drive?

    This! Though there have been some viruses that embed themselves into device firmware they tend to be fairly rare. If all else fails try the freezer trick (don't forget to bag it!). It may not work all the time but i have had it get a couple of drives working long enough to recover important data! Don't forget to backup next time - A hard disk loss should at most be an inconvenience and not a disaster! * Edit - You could always do something like this too if it doesn't work again, it relevant to your trade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMmiqS8gKu8&feature=fvw
  22. Drove a Mazda Demio (2) in NZ when i was on holiday there last year. Press the hold button and slide it back to second and it will hold the gear and hit the rev limiter without changing out. This happened to me once when we were over there and i was trying to overtake some knob head in a campervan on a slight incline and i didn't change out fast enough..... Surely he realised that when a car is turned off, the steering wheel locks up if you spin it? it only locks when you take the key out. No manufacturor is that stupid. And on that note: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=233_1289927969
  23. Hey Guys, So after doing a Z32 Brake upgrade on the S13, the brake feel was not quite to my liking. As a result i got my hands on an S15 brake booster to make things better.... After a small amount of work it was fitted and everything was hooked up - brake pedal now feels perfect! Only one small problem - the pedal is way too close to the floor now for my liking, it is now only slightly higher then the accelerator and about half the height of the clutch pedal. *** What i am looking for is someone who has done this conversion before and could point me towards a place to get a new bracket fabricated for the brake booster so that my pedal can be returned to reasonable height (the one shown in the pic below). If there is an off the shelf solution from another vehicle even better. *** The standard bracket is approximately 43mm from the center of the clevis pin to the end that connects to the input rod. I would need something that is approx 63mm or so to put the pedal back to a normal height. Surely i'm not the only one who has done this, or a similar conversion with the same issue. Cheers.
  24. Lol, of course.... The input rod is shorter on the S15 brake booster. I have adjusted it as far out as it can go and i still need an extra 20mm. Yes, i'm running a BM50 master that has been modified to 3 ports - i'm not an absolute gumby. My car started life as a CA18 so the booster that i had gave me a very stiff pedal when i installed the new master cylinder. The S15 booster made it feel great its just that i need to replace this bracket now to get the pedal into a normal position.
  25. As someone said earlier, you can get poodle breeds crossed with heaps of things! Family dog is a black Spoodle (cocker spaniel x poodle) Not him but exactly like this as a puppy: If you really like the Labrador's you can get Labradoodles, that way you get the Labrador plus the non-shedding hair of the poodle. The only thing with the poodle mixes is that you have to take care of their coats, otherwise they will get knotted and will need to be shaved or cut really short around the matted areas. Regular brushing and the odd trim by the doggy wash people keep it look good.