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  1. I've got an old Jasma approved HKS Superdragger system (with mid muffler) and I got 84db on my engineers so it's not difficult. If you have problems passing by a few db, change your cat out for a compliance cat if your running a high-flow and you should drop a few db - not a permanent solution though and things should really be done properly.
  2. I second Yavuz - he did an emissions tune on my S13 that got me through the IM240 first go and he was good to deal with.
  3. #000000 Got it in Black? Got any Blacker?
  4. Defect Stories

    Seeing as though horizontal ride hight seems a bit silly, i would assume so lol
  5. Mate got car jacked

    This, plus the other thing to consider for those that haven't seen someone iced up and violent before is that they feel no pain. This means to overpower them you would need to do some serious physical damage, as things that would normally hurt and discourage any further action will not work.
  6. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    It may be hard to believe, but it is true. California as a state of the USA has a GDP that is greater than many countries, just to give you some idea - i'm done doing the leg work, look into it yourself people (not you specifically omg). Thats the reason why many people in the world get so shitty at the US. It is trillions of dollars in debt, and yet instead of cutting its military budget (and questionable aid spending, etc...) and keeping its nose out of everyone else's business for a few years, it continues to spend resources that are equal to that of entire countries on its military alone. All the while it cuts public sector spending and implements various measures of austerity against it's people. That said there is much to consider when examining how the USA's military spending actually drives their economy (don't forget a lot of aid given to other countries actually gets funneled back into US defence companies, and this isn't counted as military spending)..... Anyways, we're starting to get off topic - back to the Osama conspiracies boys and girls.
  7. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    it's a true fact. http://en.wikipedia....ry_expenditures quoting wiki........ solid 2. Saudi Arabia GDP = $356.630 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 10.0 Actual Spend = $35.63 Bil 24. United States GDP = $13,178.350 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 4.06 Actual Spend = $535.04 Bil GDP of Saudi arabia is 356 bill... and america is 13,000bill? its a bit hard to believe that america spend more on their military than saudi arabia's entire GDP.. im not sure on the facts, and im not trying to be contraversial, but im sure saudi arabia has a higher GDP than that.. its not like their exactly "poor" Why is it so hard to believe? Go to the links i posted! Go to the IMF data table and look at the GDP for Saudi Arabia. If you don't like my calculations go to the link at the bottom of my post showing the 2011 defense budget (not the actual spending) as reported in the US Budget by the US Government. Use this referenced wiki entry on GDP by country (if you dare lol) God you people are lazy!
  8. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Well it would have to be very incorrect to get Oman's spending anywhere near half a trillion dollars! If you don't count the CIA - an organisation with the resources of a government at its disposal - as a quality resource, who exactly would you rely on for your info? Should the reference at the bottom of the wiki article maybe go to Fox News?
  9. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    it's a true fact. http://en.wikipedia....ry_expenditures quoting wiki........ solid How about you do some of your own research then, instead of blindly criticizing others. While Wikipedia is not considered a "reliable" resource due to its open nature, that is not to say it is incorrect. World GPD in actual US dollars - IMF Country Military spending sorted by GDP percentage - CIA World Factbook Military Spending: 1. Oman GDP = $35.729 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 11.4 Actual Spend = $4.073 Bil 2. Saudi Arabia GDP = $356.630 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 10.0 Actual Spend = $35.63 Bil 3. Qatar GDP = 56.918 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 10.0 Actual Spend = $ 5.69 Bil 4. Jordan GDP = $14.101 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 8.6 Actual Spend = $1.21 Bil . . . 24. United States GDP = $13,178.350 Bil Mil Spending as % of GPD = 4.06 Actual Spend = $535.04 Bil And for the 2011 current budget (Note: this probably doesn't include a lot of clandestine spending) we turn to the Budget of the United States government website. It is $553 Bil for those too lazy to look.
  10. any original ns.coms still here?

    True that... i also remember when Deej was trying to get someone to do his uni assignments for him (not once, but twice!) and also when he got busted forging a medical certificate for some uni assessment lol Wasn't that how the whole Deej. thing started? lol Is Niscort still around? I liked reading his stuff - very informative fellow.
  11. Saddam Hussein Alive!

    There was some time ago now Mobile DNA Testing Equipment that was being trailed in the UK that could give results in a matter of hours. Remember guys, this is a country that spends billions on their military - they probably have equipment far in advance of what is present in the corporate market place today. Not saying that what is being reported about them killing the guy at such a convenient time for Obama is true or not (though i could easily believe that he was dead before this or was killed in the military "strike"), but they definitely have the ability to test within a day at the most!
  12. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Without stoking the conspiracies - Buildings are made to withstand far more than you think. The two towers both had very solid cores and weren't made from lego by 5 year old kids. What do you think is worse, two planes ramming into a building (impact forces present for several seconds - and it was only one plane per building) or an 8.9 magnitude quake that goes for close to a minute (remember its not just rocking the building, but its very foundations as well)? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhJzdtzl6KY&feature=player_embedded
  13. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Finding Carmen Sandiago was never about how strong or powerful you were, it was about the brains - it is one thing i would say US intelligence has always lacked. The Uprisings through the ME are one example. They had no idea about them, even though its beginnings were plastered all over the internet for all to see. That's not mentioning the fact that the US essentially made osama into the person he was in the first place through support of the mujahideen when Russia had its foray into Afghanistan. I can believe after 10 years that it's possible though. Will it make a difference to a hierarchical and organised group of determined people - i think not. Much like killing the general of the US army wouldn't stop it from functioning...
  14. I always get cologne as presents, i currently have: Davidoff Cool Water D&G Masculine Diesel Zero Plus
  15. To get Engineers Cert.

    As stated your not even allowed to have the varex on - it will not be added to the engineers cert (if done correctly) and you can get fined for having it as it is classified as a temporary noise reduction device. Speak to John from Consulmotive - he is handling my engineers cert and will come to you if you pay him for the travel. I had Yavuz at Unigroup Engineering tune my car for the emissions test, and it passed first go (SR20).
  16. Shin Splints

    I remember being told a while ago by a PTI that if the shin splints were caused as a result of going from being inactive or doing slow speed jogging (as opposed to poor technique or genetic issues) to doing high speed/impact stuff like sprints (or soccer) that the best remedy was not to stop but to simply slow down and work up gradually (assuming you hadn't pushed to far already, and that there wasn't any large amounts of pain). I was told that slowing down, i.e. keeping to a very slow jog for those that were in-active or to a decent-paced jog for those wanting to ease into faster running would allow the body to continue to adapt to the stresses of running you are trying to put it through. Was also told that warming up + stretching and cooling down + stretching would make a really big difference(it certainly helped me a lot!) The stretch for the shins i was shown was like this, im sure everyone knows how to do the other basic stretches: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj2r4VtyRD4
  17. Migrating to the cloud

    Agreed, i can't see data security as it is in transmission being an issue (with a properly setup system) either. You could also add the machines in the data center to a network using a VPN, this should be sufficient and wont create a whole heap of additional overhead.
  18. Fav old school game

    Glad i'm not the only one here that had played Rockford.. I had Rampart on the my old Lynx, it was a bloody fun game, but got hard in the higher levels, i hated those red cannonballs that you couldn't build over.... More of the good old days: DOS: Loom WIN95: Myst And there was a game who's name escapes me. It was a DOS game i'm sure where you went around rooms looking for clues and you took photos of all these machines in hallways to tray and catch which machine committed the crime (was young when i played this one) - anyone know its name?
  19. Fav old school game

    If i was to list all of the games i loved it would take a whole thread of its own! No Starcraft or Warcraft series games in there Fire_Child??
  20. Fav old school game

    Man i loved Streets of Rage, golden axe was the bomb as well - that little green dwarf was kick ass!! 286/XTREE GOLD: Rockford and Captain Comic (can't decide!) ATARI: Commando 386/DOS: Old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons series (Eye of the Beholder was a good one!) ATARI-LYNX: Crystal Mines II SEGA MEGADRIVE: Sonic Series PLAYSTATION 1: Crash Bandicoot (didn't have many games, was mostly a PC gamer) PLAYSTATION 2: Gran Turismo series PC: Ultima Online (Back in the 90's as the first MMORPG it rocked my world, then it got shit when the shards were split into the two worlds somewhere after the second age add-on. So many fond memories in this game) Arcade: Time Crisis (even though the missus always rips me in it)
  21. Villawood riot

    They've been locked up for years, the protests just happened. So you're saying lock people up incase they commit crimes lol. It's not exactly a prison either - there is no comparison! My mother and her family went through Villawood, likewise with my Fiance and all of her family. The people creating the problems probably started doing so because their request to live here was denied. Sure it takes a long time to be processed, but that is the way things are when you arrive here with nothing to identify you but the shirt on your back and your word; then there is the myriad of health checks etc... I somehow doubt that the Villawood detention center is worse than whatever situation they were trying to escape. For the nay-sayers, i would like to hear their suggestions for how the government should process people who come to this country with no identification, consider the following (by no means an exhaustive list of considerations): - no formal history etc... i.e. is this person a convicted criminal in their country, or are they on a government watch list for association with groups of interest. - There are many people in this country already that overstay or otherwise violate the terms of their visa's, creating an already strained system for the tracking and deportation of said illegals. - Consider how easy it is to disappear in this country if you really wanted too, even more so when you have no Australian documentation to track you by. As an aside, I remember way back in high school when the Kosovar refugees were brought to Australia, and they were housed at Singleton barracks. A whole heap of them had a big whinge about their accommodation for various reasons, yet it is the exact same accommodation that members of our armed forces had to use, and it was good enough for them to use without complaint.
  22. A Politicians Worst Nightmare‏

    Not too bad in a few parts - plenty of rhetoric in there, and seemingly immature on the whole though... The author contradicts themselves on several occasions also, as one example of this: and then goes on to say: +2
  23. speedo problem

    Try the MKII Speedo Corrector from JayCar. I have 18's on my car too and a different diff ratio to the one expected by the speedo. The kit above is inexpensive and solves the problem easily.
  24. Caliper Clearance?

    I have no use for mine anymore so if you need an extra 2mm then you can have mine. As said they are really cheap - i got mine from ozzy tyres.
  25. Ca18de >sr20det

    The tacho is fixed easily by adding a 10k .25w resistor between the IGN and TAM points on the back of the cluster no need to swap it out. Test the water temp sensor and make sure it's okay as the ECU makes fueling decisions based on its reading.