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  1. Thought I would create a page for events happening in S.A. Too many times I miss out on events due to not hearing about them until after the event happens. Here anyone can post and discuss past and up coming events. Not restricted to just S.A but also open for events interstate which might be appealing to anyone in S.A.


    To get the ball rolling here are just a few I'm aware of. Hopefully others can contribute.


    Slowlife and Chill

    24th October at 20:30

    SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre



    Adelaide Four-Six Rotary Movember Charity Cruise

    21st November at 18:00

    Westfield Marion



    Slowlife Show N Shine

    28th November 08:00

    Wayville Showgrounds



    R&S Chassis Meet and Cruise

    29th November at 10:30

    Westfield Tea Tree Plaza



    Birdwood Datsun Day

    29th November

    National Motor Museum



    State of Origin Xmas Bash

    25th December - 1st January

    JDM X Park


  2. Don't be fooled, you need one or your turbo will blow up. Get a new one and mount it somewhere where cops can see it when you get pulled over. That way the cops know your a enthusiast who takes care for his car and they will leave you alone. Trust me a friend of a friend told me and they would know their stuff because they work in the automotive isle at cheap as chips.

  3. I have a 5130 with from my understanding it has a 0.64 rear housing with a head which had been described by my tuner as possibly over ported, 264 cams and enlarged valves. I currently have 220kw on 98. Currently mine will red line with no issues and feels like there is more left in the turbo. In fact considering discussing with my tuner on the options of extending my rev limit. So guessing you'll be fine with a smaller rear housing on your set up.


    you won't choke the exhaust housing


    In actual fact STR8E180 is who I spoke to when deciding on what turbo would work for me. So if he says you'll be fine, you'll be fine.

  4. Since no one gave any suggestions I finally found a place which was able to help out. Went and saw Adelaide Auto Refreshers who scanned my fuel cap and came back as either Lamborghini green or Kawasaki green. Getting my rear valance painted but holding off from getting my valve cover painted due to them being able to do Hydrographics and was given a huge selection to choose from.


    Show us pics of custom valve covers and give some suggestions. I'm not entirely sure what I should do. Can't see the point in painting it a plain colour if I can get Hydrographics.


    Here is their website: http://www.adelaideautorefinishers.com.au/

    Here is their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adelaide-Auto-Refinishers-SA-Pty-Ltd/497938970320221?fref=ts


    Check out the pages and give us some suggestions on what to get.

  5. I had a local workshop, who didn't want to do the work, say there was no point as it made no difference. My logic was, well it's out and cheap why not.


    I don't understand the logic on workshops who say their not interested in doing a job because it will be a waist of time. If a customer want's the work done it's money in their pocked and the customer gets what they want regardless is its beneficial or not.


    When I was making phone calls to places to have my head machined and rebuilt one place laughed at me and told me I'm wasting my time for my power goal (250kw) and to sell everything and get the power with a stock head. Even though I still wanted the work done they told me they weren't interested in doing the work as it would be a waste of time on my behalf. I'm not ever going to use that workshop or recommend them and went else where for my business. Where is the logic in that?

  6. I'm needing to get a few things painted on my car and needing to have the paint matched. Where in Adelaide can I go to have it done? I have the fuel cap with me so will be using that as a example. Had paint matched once before but they did it by eye, looks good during the day but brighter then the rest of the car at night. Won't be getting it done by eye again.

  7. A increase in my income would see the following


    - Buy houses as investments

    - Stop fart assing around with my 180 and build it into a street monster

    - Rather then have a boring Lancer as a daily I'd have a 280z (recently growing a soft spot for the old Z's)

    - Restore my MK1 Escort coupe and Panelvan

    - Build a rally car out of my second MK1 Escort coupe

    - Restore my MK2 Escort


    Essentially all the above is what I'm trying to do currently only that I don't have enough money for so many projects at one time


    Probably would look into a Ferrari if funds permitted. That's my choice of exotic car