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Rules for Sellers

Nissansilvia.com is a great site to advertise goods for sale as its free and you have only car enthusiasts read your advertisements.

The "For Sale" areas are provided as a FREE service for regular members to the site who are looking to privately sell their own items.

If you are a Trader or Commercial Entity you MUST become a site sponsor, or banner advertiser to sell products on our site.

This INCLUDES if you plan to use the forum on a regular basis to sell parts from your home!

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If you are a PRIVATE SELLER, Please read on:

To ensure you eliminate "time wasters", please read the following guidelines to assist you in selling your item without any hassle.

Include photo's in the post
A picture is worth a thousand words. We have members who are willing to host pictures for you click here or alternatively you could display a picture of another item which is the same from another site.

Bumping for sale not applicable
Those who disguise a "bump" post with pics or updated info will have that post deleted and the info cut and pasted into the original post. Only price drop updates will be allowed to remain. Genuine posts about the item will remain also.
ANY item that has been without an update for 3 WEEKS is allowed a "bump" post to bring it back to the top of the list. Please list this as a "3 week bump" so we know not to delete it.

Use a clear detailed topic heading
More users will view your advertisement if you make the topic heading clear and detailed. If you are selling a wide variety of parts its harder to be specific in the title, so a suggestion is creating two threads or making the titles as clear and detailed as you can.

Include as many details as possible
Ensure you cover all things like, condition of the items, which state the items are, etc.
If you write "for more details email, or PM", you will receive PM's and emails, so ensure your inbox is not full.
However, take the time to write everything you believe a buyer would like to know, this will save you and the buyer time in the long run and help you sell your item quicker.
*This includes stating a price!*

Specify Location and whether you are willing to send interstate
Members from this forum come from Australia and overseas, please write if you wish to sell interstate. If not, specify which state you are in and that it is state only buyers.

EOI (express of interest) not applicable
This for sales area is simply that...items for sale. We have requested no EOI to eliminate time wasters. Either the item is for sale or it isn't. If you are unsure what your item is worth, have a look at other for sales which are similar

Car related items only
The for sale section of this forum is only for car items only. Ad's selling mobile phones, furniture etc will be deleted without warning.

Do not sell for your mates
Any cars posted up on behalf of someone else will be deleted without warning. If your friends want to sell something ask them sign up to the site themselves. This reduces mis-information and any possible falling out if the sale doesnt go through. If they are serious about selling their car, they will post it up themselves.


No Traders
We will be actively warning any members who are seen to be traders.

* You will be asked to become a nissansilvia.com sponsor or not to post.
* If you continue to do so after being contacted, you will be banned.

This site costs alot of money to run, and can only continue to do so with your support....
Support the system which supports your customers.

Group Buys
Due to people pushing the boundaries of the new forum rules, it has been decided that Group Buys will only be allowed to sponsors of the site. If you post a group buy and you are not a nissansilvia.com sponsor, your post will be deleted without notice. We are sorry to have to do this to you all but it is due to a small minority not doing the right thing. It is too hard to determine if group buys are for profit or are for the good of the site and its users. If your sales are profitable, then please put back into the site what it has given you, and become a sponsor.

No Spam
Moderators will use their discretion to delete any posts which are considered spam. Posts such as "goodluck with the sale," "bumps," requests for pics, ANY off topic discussion will be deleted by the moderators. Remember, your IP address is logged and if you try and create a new username you will be found.

Be Honest
Nissansilvia.com does not condone the sale of stolen merchandise. If moderators suspects you are selling stolen goods, your IP address WILL be forwarded to the authorities.
While we try to make every effort to detect stolen goods, we can not promise the legitimacy of goods being sold and will not be held responsible if goods sold here turn out to be in fact stolen.
On the same line, we will not accept responsibility for any other criminal acts or breaches of contract, eg accepting goods without payment, reneging on agreement to purchase goods, misrepresentation. A suggestion before dealing with cash is to write up a written agreement (article link above) and have both parties sign detailing the items and the price agreed upon.

Once Sold..
Once your car is sold, please edit your topic title to state that it has been sold..
This makes it easier for people to avoid wasting time, and also helps to ensure that you don't get PM's or email months later with offers..