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Rules of nissansilvia.com

The first offense will results in suspension for three (3) days. Any subsequent offenses will result in a ban.

Flames, Derogatory Insults, Harassment.

Flames, harassment, Abusive and Negative Posts are against the rules on this site. If you disagree with another member, please do so in a mature and civil discussion. If another member flames or attacks you, please do not grace that member with a response. If you do, please do not use nissansilvia.com to do it. We suggest that you use the warn button to report the incident to a moderator.

Sexism and Racism.

Sexism and Racism are NOT TOLERATED on Nissansilvia.com under ANY circumstances.

Threatening other members.

Threats towards other board members, including physical violence, property damage, death threats or any other nature will not be tolerated. This will result in an instant warning.

Think about it before you write.

Comments like "St*pid F*cking b@stard cop" are obviously not allowed, with threads containing this content being deleted without warning, any members who have shown to post like this will be banned.

Businesses and Defamation.

If you are having problems with a business and would like to seek some advice, reframe from writing the business name as you may wind up in a bigger mess, including defamatory charges.

If people would like to make comment about a bad experience with a business in reply to a members post, try sending a PM or keeping to the facts in the post.

Dealing with the backlash from defamatory posts often end up taking up alot of our time and resources, therefore we can not afford to tolerate this sort of behaviour from our members.

Nissansilvia.com may not be held liable for the views and opinions of it's members, however we do moderate comments to the best of our ability to make sure defamatory statements are delt with.

Illegal Activities

Posts encouraging illegal/unethical action are not allowed.

Harmful URL’s

Posting any URLs with the intent of causing malicious or harmful results to reader’s computers will result in a minimum of 2 days suspension on the first offence. A repeat offender will be banned.

Attacks against Sponsors

Sponsor Bashing is not allowed. They help pay for the forums and are afforded some protection. If you have a problem with a sponsor, please take it up with the sponsor directly, or if all other avenues are exhausted, the webmaster.

Attacking forum moderators and administrators.

Attacking forum moderators and administrators is never a good idea. The likely result will be a warning, suspension or banning. If you have a problem with a particular moderator, please send a personal message detailing the problem to an admin. We will do our best to treat each case fairly and equally.