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Overview & Basic Disclaimer

nissansilvia.com is a open public forum that is not filtered, therefore the views and opinions shared through conversation on the forums can not be taken as the views and opinions of the site, or it's owners. Furthermore nissansilvia.com may not be held responsible or liable for any damages which may occur as a result of your use or misuse of the information available on this web site.

We do our best to monitor conversations, and have written the below rules which we expect all members to adhere to. These rules are general in nature and do not cover every reason of why a thread may be closed, deleted, moved or moderated in any other way.

If there is something on the site you feel is offensive or defamatory and needs to be reviewed please click on the Report button above the offending post to report this to the moderators and admins immediately.


The Warning system (Own3d meter)

Nissansilvia.com operates on a "3 strikes your out" warning system, which our moderatorss are in control of. Breaking rules and guidelines, or not using common sense when it comes to posting will land you with warnings.

Warnings are entrusted to moderators and their decision is final, your warnings may drop in future if you have been keeping your nose clean. Sending a PM to a moderator WILL NOT make this happen any quicker.

Warnings imposed by a particular moderator may only be removed by the same moderator.


Deletion/Editing/Modification of posts/users etc.

Any moderators/admin user exerts the right to delete posts at their discretion, edit member profiles, close topics, delete topics, move topics, act on threads reported by fellow members and ban/suspend any member without warning for serious or reguarly repeated fluanting of the above rules.