Moderator Rules & Guidelines

On's forum, we have enlisted the help of a team of unpaid volunteers, which we call "moderators".

These moderators have devoted countless hours to help developing the site, and help us to maintain the consitency and quality of the site overall - without them the site would quickly turn into a uncontrolled, inconsistent and eventually non-existant website.

Moderators are there for the members, if you have a question or problem with the site or one of it's members, dont hesitate to contact one of them. Part of their position is to help aid members in resolving disputes, or to help you become more familiar with the website.

Moderators are not "above the law" when it comes to their involvement with the website, and must obide by the same rules and guidelines as our members. If anything they should be adhering to them at all times as to set an example for our members.

Moderators also follow a set of rules and guidelines as to the way they conduct themselves, outlined below.

If you have any problems with a moderator in question, please contact someone from the senior moderator group to resolve the issue. If the issue is with a senior moderator, then please raise it by PM'ing Loz-Webmaster, or emailing:

Moderators Will:

- help you with questions to the best of their ability

- help you resolve issues with other members

- actively 'clean up' and reorganise the forums

- warn you if you break the site rules and guidelines

- remove signatures & avatars that are not acceptable

Moderators Will NOT:

- Change your username, or up your post count, or change your star rating

- Single you out, Ban you or remove posts for no reason