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Safe Trading Tips / Common Scams:

Please be wary of members who PM you directly about items for sale, ESPECIALLY those who have little or no posts at all (the 40 post rule is there for a reason)

When buying parts make sure you check out their details first.
If they say they have a registered business check the validility of their ABN Click Here

We recommend COD (Cash on Delivery) Postage
It doesn't cost that much more and this way you do not pay until you recieve the parts, and both the buyer and seller are covered if anything goes wrong.

Gather as many details as possible about the seller
eg: Name, Address, Telephone numbers and email then check if these are valid, through things like the white pages. Also make sure you check their sellers rep meter, if they have had good transactions with other members, it will be recorded.

If you think you have been contacted by someone who seems suspicious, please let one of the classifieds moderators know ASAP.

General Tips

Expressing interest only if you really are interested
"time wasting" is very annoying, and makes it frustrating for someone trying to sell items on the forum. Time wasting posts will be deleted without warning and you may find your account deactivated if you persist If you want to request pics of the item, PM or email the seller. DO NOT post it in the thread.

Read the sellers post carefully
Look in the user profile for more information, ie state, email addres.
Also, your question may have already been asked. Questions which are repeated will be deleted without warning.

Note: "haggling" is not an offer.

Contacting the Seller
If you are really interested in the sale, contact the seller with the details given. If you send a PM, place the PM on "tracker" so you know when they receive the PM. Any posts eg "PM sent" will be deleted as they are considered a 'bump'.

Purchase of parts from complete cars
Requests for the seller to strip parts from their cars to sell individually will be deleted.
If you want to enquire about the possibility of buying parts from a car that is for sale. PM the seller.
If the conversation doesn't involve the sale of the car, and as the rules state, any conversation that deviates from the sale of the car will be deleted.
By asking to strip the car of its parts will turn other buyers off purchasing.


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