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S13 Susp into AE86

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Ok, This has just been done to CRAB 86's car and i thought i would help out by writing and article. Mainly to stop people PM'ing me with so many questions.


Here is how you convert to S13 coilover setup.


you need the following items


-S13 SR20 Hub with disk and caliper

-Coilovers to suit s13, can be anything

-AE86 Camber tops

-Lower control arm to suit, cant use sigma as balljints are different, we modified one.

-RA40 Tie Rods


Your first step is to sort out lower control arms. Steve from Abec cut and shut some ae86/s13 arms together to make a single arm with the S13 ball joint, S13 arms are much longer then sigma and you will find the massive track/camber is excessive for most of your cars. There are two ways of doing this. you do what i mentioned and cut and shut one (legalities are questionable) or you can cut the end off an S13 arm and then weld plates in there to make a box section, then weld a nut behind the plate, rosejoint it with another nut on the front of the plate for adjustability. (this set up is also not legal)





Lower Control arms


Now once you have a LCA sorted out you need to redrill two holes in the control arm for the castor rod to mount to. The sway bar will go into one of the existing holes for the s13 castor rod so you do not need to redrill for this.


this pic shows the redrilled holes.



Now, once you have done this, bolt it into the cross member as you normally would. then grab your coilovers and fit ae86 camber tops to them. like so.




Once that is done, you need to remove the stock ae86 tie rods by undoing the 14mm nut on the clamp, then place a 14mm spanner on the rack end while turning the tie rod anti clockwise, some cars may find this very tight, in which case use another ring spanner on the ball joint to act as a lever.


once it is off, you can then put tjhe RA40 ones on. I reccommend getting brand new ones as the ball joints on items scourced from wreakers are just about stuffed.


Now, you are ready to bolt the Hub onto the control arm. Place the hub onto the LCA ball joint and then do it up, put the tie rod ball joint into the S13 hub steering arm and then do both up tight. Use cotter pins also.


Once you have done this you can then bolt the Coilover into the car, Bolt the camber tops into the strut tower first, then bolt the two mounting bolts to the hub, i suggest grabbing a decent sized breaker bar as this should both be very tight. You will notice that when they are loose there is some freeplay in the top bolt. pushing it back and forth will effect camber as such. So to make it easier to adjust and make equal on both sides. Push the coilover all the way back and then do up tight.


here is a pic of the brakes and thw two bolts in question.



ok so now everything is bolted in, make sure that the sway bar bolts into the suitable hole, and that everything is done up tight.


All that is left to do is brake lines. This is the easy part as you can use S13 lines provided you undo them from up the top of the wheel arch.


Bleed the brakes get a wheel alignment and away you go.


Why do this conversion?


-Bigger brakes

-larger range of coilovers available for s13

-stronger wheel bearings

-lots of lock available

-wider track

-ability to further set up the car to increase roadholding and handling.


thats all folks

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