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180 wanabe

S15 replacement plumb back BOV size

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Hi there


I have a S15 that is still running the stock BOV on a greddy intercooler + pipes


I'm pretty sure that the previous owner has blocked it up as I get some rather loud fluttery sounds coming from the pod filter "running 1 bar of boost with a tune"


I will be replacing the turbo with a larger item running more boost "20/22 psi" + the associated supporting mods


Was thinking it might be a good idea to fit a new plumb back BOV just in case the one I have is blocked off, however I am not 100% sure of what size BOV I would need to get to bolt on to where the factory one is. Or for that matter if its even going to be an issue running a blocked BOV with a precision HP5130 at that boost


I was thinking of getting something like this




Seems to be good for skylines but no mention of any SR powered cars

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for a plumb back i would go with this



its got a 50mm valve

highly highly doubt you will need any thing bigger then that


its basically the plumb back version of this http://www.tialsport.com/index.php/tial-products/bovs/46-tialbvq which is what i use on my GTR

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Thanks for your input :)


Actually probably what I need to find out is what size the stock bov flange is

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