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Looking for a good gearbox mechanic - prefer east side

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Hey guys,

I want to have my spare gearbox checked before I put it in the car, so I'm looking for a gearbox place to check it. Prefer around Bayswater or Croydon areas ideally.

I went to one place which a friend recommended and they said it would cost $100 to check if the gearbox is OK or not - the gearbox already has it's front and rear housings removed. $100 seems a bit expensive I thought, but maybe I'm just being cheap.

Anyway, can anyone recommend a place worth trying?


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$100 is a bit steep if its already got the housings removed, a quick visual inspection only takes 5 or 10 minutes and will give you a good indication of whats wrong and how much it will cost to fix.

i run Forced Motorworx in dandenong and we rebuild sr20 and rb25 engines gearboxes and turbos, if you like, bring the box down and ill have a quick look for you and wont cost you anything

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