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Formal Car Hire/Cruise - Drop off

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Hi Everyone,


My school is having their formal in December this year and I'm needing/wanting cars to drop me and probably 3 other people of at the venue. I'm just wondering if any one is willing or knows anyone who can drop us off? Since everyone in the ACT have booked out all the decent formal cars in Canberra I just need help finding one.


I was thinking this could turn out to be a cruise or something and any help would be appreciated! It will only be for 1 or 2 hours

If anyone is willing I'm happy to discuss payments or just give more detail in a PM.


Thanks :)



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What kind of car were you after? Lots of silvias would struggle to fit 4 people haha. There is a facebook group called "ACT Formal Car Hire" with 1000 members so if you post there, i'm sure you can find something.

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