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Stock ECU managing 2 boost levels; safe?

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So i got a EBC lately on my ADM S15


I've set low at 8 psi. high is set on 13psi untuned. I run the low setting for cold start/poor road conditions but switch to high when the engine is warm.


While the car is managing fine from all appearances over the last 1000k's, i'm wondering does the ECU learn/adapt to engine conditions, thus will switching between 8 and 13psi "confuse" the ECU/make it less efficient? My understanding is the the ECU has a standard map for 7-9psi and can manage up to 14 unsupported (relying on O2 sensor and basic map to regulate AFRs with increased boost).


I've put in these settings as my experience with silvias leads me to believe the S15 will handle that easily, but any input and technical education will be appreciated.

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It's fine, and no the ECU doesn't learn shit.


And no again, the narrow band O2 is purely for cruise, once your map hits +ve manifold pressure that narrow band does nothing.

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