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Todd Black

S13 Outlaw Sports Sedan

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im Todd, thought id start a build thread in here for my car, seeing as ive been reading everyone elses for some time!


so i bought my s13 at the start of the year, can't really specify the date, maybe around february though, from a private sale, i think i paid too much for it though $2500 maybe a little exy for a roller. anyways it started out like this




it was built with an RB25DET, but it looked pretty sweet and had most of the suspension work done, apart from adjustable lower control arms, it was all there. and this is how it was when i got it home




the night i got it home, straight away i was looking for running gear. the day after i picked up a sr20 non turbo gearbox, ecu and loom for $400. then the day after that i had bought an engine. Nothing special, just a blacktop sr20det, with ecu, loom, engine mounts and all sorts of other bits and pieces for $600 of course it still needed a couple of things like a turbo and coil pack harness and igniter. but for the most part, i had an engine.




I can't tell you why but pretty much straight after that i was looking for wheels, just to get it off blue falcon wheels and s14 wheels. i ended up finding these Modex by Keiichi Tsuchiya wheels, 17x8 and 17x9 for $100 but they looked alright i thought.




Not long after that, i started stripping the engine harness of its split tube and electrical tape, only because it was looking a bit run down, so i tidied it all back up again




At around that point it was taken into work, so that i could have somewhere to drop the motor and box in, and anything else that i could get done. first port of call in the workshop was getting the electrical side of things sorted. or at least to the firewall anyway. the battery being mounted in the boot, i ran 2B&S cable from the battery into an 100 amp inline fuse, and then down the tunnel up into the dash to the isolator switch, not that its actually going to shut it off when its running, but its good to have. ill eventually have a different one in at a later date so it will isolate the alternator too.






I had removed the factory ignition barrel and ran everything down onto the centrally mounted switch panel, because its more racecar that way and it looked neater than the factory stuff






heres a couple of pics of the switch panel. if you haven't guessed already, untidy wiring gives me the shits. force of habit really, when assembling new vehicles






around that point too, i had been helping Callum Whatmore out at the track here and there and had made up some stickers and whatnot, so i picked up a set of well used hoosier two line slicks to pop on my modex's. i was driving a ford focus at that point, so i think i needed a bigger car.






this was my concept at that stage




So now it was time to put some real horsepower into it, instead of two human power for a change






i decided to make it look more like a car too, so i had put back on the front bar, guards and lights






i also sold my focus and bought a smaller car, another Silvia!




which means they had bonding time, out in the workshop car park




so somewhere along the line i had done some research into the coilovers that were in the front which were cusco club-s or sprint-s or something like that, but they were only, well they probably still are actually, only ride height adjustable. dont know about the rears, i just know they're JIC coilovers




turbo came in the mail, chinese 2871 and braided oil and coolant lines




Brakes wise, it already had a five stud conversion, and had gtst calipers on the rear, but only had s14 brakes on the front. Callum came to the rescue and had given me a pair of gtst calipers and slotted rotors for the front! thanks a million!




unfortunately i was told to take it home, so off we went




working a bunch of overtime, has its advantages. hence i want straight into option1garage to buy a seat, and came out with a monza winged seat, so it went really well with my takata harness. i had picked up a custom seat rail to mount it on too.






Keeping on track with the concept, i picked up another set on BN style skirts, seeing as i traded the ones that were on it for the stock rear bar. i had cust some stickers too






but then, as usual my concept changed, so it was onto version 2




although i did have a rocket bunny front bumper in that drawing, and a wing, which are now, stock front bumper with CA lip and no wing, so basically this




so thats where it sits now. Still a bunch of work to do and plenty more parts needed. driveline is basically done apart from brake pads and tailshaft loop. engine wise to support the 2871, ill be upgrading injectors and fuel rail. and updating fuel system to basically the stock tank with an 044 lift pump into a 2l surge tank and then another 044 for supply. then of course appropriate ecu to make all this happen, which will either be a nistune or a power fc if one comes up for the right price. then of course roll cage and a lot of little bits and pieces here and there. If the tax man i nice this year, then the cage will be sooner rather than later!


anyhow, a massive thanks to Callum, Nick and Sam, their input is always much appreciated!

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You won't need a tailshaft loop in outlaws if it's a 2 piece tailshaft like factory S13's.


The lift pump will need to be an 040 not on 044. 040 has a filter built into the bottom of it and is suited to intank applications. I'd buy a smaller lift pump to be honest as you only need to fill the surge tank. The 044 will be supplying the motor.

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I've got an 040 that i was using as a lift pump until I went to fuel cell if you want it for a small fee? Also have nismo 740cc injectors and coil packs + coil pack loom if you haven't sorted that yet.

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Interested to see how that china 2871 holds up

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thanks for the comments!


i had been a little unsure of the tailshaft loop, seeing as it has a centre bearing, so i bought one off nick anyway. callum's also told that standard nissan in-tank pump will be fine as a lift pump, and seeing as it's relatively standard running gear wise, i'm sure it will hold up


Sent you a fb message sam!


thanks for the offer @blingcommander, but ill have to pass as i do intend to run without aero for a while, just to get used to the chassis and work my eye back in after karting

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It works so i'm not doubting it but how does a standard in tank pump enough fuel into the surge tank while a bigger pump is draining it at a faster rate of knots into the engine? Or does the fuel return from the engine go back into the surge tank?

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It works so i'm not doubting it but how does a standard in tank pump enough fuel into the surge tank while a bigger pump is draining it at a faster rate of knots into the engine? Or does the fuel return from the engine go back into the surge tank?


Usually the fuel return from the engine feeds back into surge tank then the surge tank overflow feeds back into tank so the surge tank is always full.

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Also feed to surge tank isn't under pressure so the pump will pump alot more fuel than it's usual rating

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got a decent wing if you are interested as well


I need a big wing! What do you have?

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long time no, post so i thought i better get out and do some work so i can post something! basically i had been waiting to build up a stockpile of parts so that i could jump in and smash some work out, not that it went to plan, as stuff didn't fit and required modification or tools more appropriate.


so i had been looking for turbo parts for some time so i could start working putting my pink silvia together, but in a stroke or luck, or actually that's probably not the word. misfortune with a touch of luck came in the form of my white s13, which for the second time in a month has done a head gasket, or something along that line, was the first time, maybe a cracked head this time. anyway, heres a pic of me taking it apart






so pretty much was able to get a lot of parts of the car which will save me buying two of everything


- Tuned length exhaust manifold

- Turbo Dump Pipe

- 3'' GKtech exhaust (whether or not ill use it, as the current exhaust is bigger)

- Blitz intercooler

- Intercooler piping


- Clutch Slave and line

- Radiator

- Thermo fans

- Various Gauges

- Front and Rear strut braces

- Clear corner lights

- Front bumper


as well as in the meantime i had bought the following


-17x8 & 9 +35 all round Drift Teks the +35 offset on the front isn't going to work so i may have to find some others

- Cusco half cage


im sure theres more stuff i just can't think of it


so pretty much started the day ripping out the front end, to measure up how much i wanted to extend the lower control arms, 30mm as it turns out, id rather have to much and dial it out then have not enough. it was also a case of widening the front track as well. while i was there i cleaned up the wheel arches. bit of paint here and there




pictures of the front end, just with the wheel sitting in it, probably wont have this much camber, but it sure as hell looks sick.




measured up the existing cage for extra bar, will still be a half cage, but will have side intrusion bars, a diagonal and horizontal in the main hoop and a diagonal and a harness bar




ripped the tint of the rear windows and quarter windows, looks much better.




other than that i have been working on some parts that will be cnc laser cut, more on that later on.


almost forgot, started fabricating a surge tank, just waiting on fitting to weld onto it yet




anyhow, thats all folks!


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been a while since last post, but not a whole lot has been happening anyhow! what has been happening though is some slow progression on the racecar.


first off, got 50mm extended control arms in, looks rad, plenty of adjustment in it, and i'm able to dial almost all of it out if you're wondering too.




because of the extra length, no combination of rack end spacers and tie rods can make up the length unless its custom, so that will be the process now.

this is how much it toes out with the the standard tie rods




so they are pretty much the drift teks i picked up to go on it, they are a little worse for wear, and need to get one fixed, but new wheels may be on the agenda too




also cleaned up more wiring in the engine bay, and opened up the holes in the arches to route intercooler piping properly




as much as i like them stickers on the window, most of them will be removed




also got the cage, fabbed up, just sitting in the car in the image, as some adjustments are needed, but you get the idea!


ive also decide to pull the motor and box again. its too hard to work on the engine while its in the car, and seeing as i can pull and engine out in a bit over an hour, i might as well. it'll just be easier to do all the turbo stuff while its out, and a couple other things too.


anyhow, thats all for now!

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