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Lost job, going out on my own

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I am a qualified spray painter. I was made redundant this week. as of a down turn in work load. So i have decided to go out on my own for a bit and see how that pans out. Im not going to do a lot of paint work because i dont feel my back yard is good enough to produce quality work.So im going to be doing cut and polishes and work alike. so if you could like and share my Facebook page much apprehension.




Im located in South Australia Adelaide Ridgehaven


Thanks, Radford Way.


A quick price list,


Cut and polish


2-4 door small sedan - $100

2-4 door dark colored small sedans - $150

4 door large sedan $150

4 door dark colored large sedan $200

4wd,Ute's and Wagons - $200

4wd,Ute's and Wagons dark colored - $270

vans - $300

Single panel $20-$50


Heavy scratch removal on all makes and models will be extra with a on site quote.


Plastic rejuvenation

door molds, raw plastic bumper bars and mirrors. $30 and up


Mag wheel/rim clean and polish ( painted wheels )

$50 for full set of four


Tyre shine - $10

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