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Just bought a MX5 - have some questions..

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hey guys,


newbie to mazdas here, just bought a 90 eunos roadster spec v .. 116000 original km's, auto.. good service history & for it's age in decent nik chassis/paint wise etc.


it will be our (my wife) daily commute.. she can't drive manual. but the plan is to eventually be my train station car with track duties..manual conversion & potentially new powerplant if funds/life permits?! ive never owned a mazda before, having owned a s15 for 5+ years & thought that it's handling was smooth & unbeatable..i was wrong, the mx5 is very neutral & 'chuck-able' ..it literally put a smile on my face when we test drove it.


i havent had too much time to research the car in detail but wanted to know:


- good fluids to use (oil, gearbox, diff, coolant etc)

- decent break pads for daily use (i.e not too noisy or release break dust)

- any good mechanics to recommend around the western syd area that knows these cars?


at the moment there is a leak on the crank case front & back, the seals need replacing.. so ive been told the gearbox needs to drop out which would cost 500 big ones..


any info would be great will post some pics soon hopefully..



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