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4AGZE Supercharged to TurboCharged

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Hi Guys,



Just got a sprinter with a 4AGZE Supercharged motor and was thinking should l keep it or remove the supercharger and turbo it instead. Looking to use it for street and track work so nothing crazy but still want it to move wanted to know A) if anyone has done this? B) is it worth it? and C) any tips on it

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If your on a budget, No.

If your not handy enough to do it yourself, No.


My brother has done this conversion and it wasnt exactly cheap. If your car is running i would just drive it.

Just off the top of my head yoou would need to,

-Buy new manifold

-Buy Turbo

-Make/Modify exhaust

-Make cooler pipes

-Modify/Retune ecu

-Run extra oil and water lines for turbo


Im tired thats all i can think of

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Car is not running and have read his guide. Anyone know of what kind of power l can get from the supercharger?


We are doing the work ourselves and we have enough mates to do alot ourselves as well. Its a project car.


Was thinking of getting in running with supercharger and if need be switch over to turbo when needed.


Car arrives at my place sunday / monday and will know more then l guess.

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Stupercharger is brilliant for stock motor to 130kw or so. Very drivable and excellent daily motor. Its not an exciting thing though, the PD style blower just makes it feel like a 3L motor.


If you're going to modify it and hope to make more power go turbo immediately. Keep your turbo size reasonable, T25/28, Subaru TD04 etc


Either way, the T50 gearbox needs some mechanical sympathy with boost.


Rex has a turbo manifold sitting around if you're interested :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:

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