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Rudolfs 2+2:UPDATE: 7.7.15 Quarter done, bar half shaved!

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yea i worked with a bloke who got the same thing. rekon he felt it for weeks....


think about how good youll feel when its done though knowing youve done it properly...


keep up the good work mate..

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nice work man, looking from the outside (of the build) i always wanted to do a full restoration/modification of a car with heaps of fab work. bet your getting sick of cutting rust out though...
trust me, this rust repair is getting reeeeaaaallll long in the tooth, after i finish this car i'd probably never want to build another one again! well that's what i tell myself now at least! something lovely happened to me last week, while i was welding in a new inner sil panel patch, i was laying on the floor on my side, a bead of weld splatter went into my ear hole and i think melted into my brain... i mean i can still feel it in there a week after, no amount of cotton bud prodding has removed said bead of hot weld...... not fun, you actually hear the inside of your ear melting..... Rudolf.


i know this pain... happened to me a few months back when i was welding in a new sil panel on a s13. It's up there with slag between the toes

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UPDATE 20.10.14 -- attacking the doglegs and sil panel!


So even though i am proud of the repairs i did in the nose, the Dog legs have been intimidating me since i got the dam car, with their bubbled fresh paint, hiding god knows what. I decided to kill them... kill them with an angle grinder and sanding disk.....


and this is what what revealed on the drivers side:




hrmm... time to bust out the cut off disk, once i had removed the panel i saw what lied beneath.... more rust, which deflated me for a hour or two:




then i snapped out of it, and got back to cutting:




and the last month and a half i spent maybe half hour each day trying to make a patch panel for the inner sil, with no real template to work off, as the rusted section was pretty mangled... but after lots of trial and effort i came up with this:




which once welded in looked like this:




and finally once hit with some KBS rust seal and weld through primer, this is where i am up to:





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UPDATE: 8.11.14- Drivers Dogleg finished


Firstly a big thanks to Locky for making me the dog leg panels, and fast turn around too!




so i got to hacking away at them and welded in my patch:




however, before i had welded in that patch, i had noticed where the quater panel folds over into the door jamb, there looked to be abit of rust on the top section, which is understandable, as water would pool there off the door: so i got to cutting:




and this was what i needed to make:




which looked abit like this when done:





welded in and hit with some primer:





then formed a new outer lip and plug welded that in place onto the door sil:




And the finished product!!!!





PHEW! it turned out better than i expected!!!!


Now all thats left is the passenger side dog leg, and ill probably drop all the suspension, put it on the rotissarie thats rusting away in the back yard, and send the car off to be sandblasted.



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UPDATE: 8.2.15- More Rust fixed, more to come!


So quite alot has happened in the last 3 months, and really not much zed stuff.... firstly, continuing with the house extension, i spent a majority of time sanding.... sanding walls and filler....




I also took on a new project of making a new hand rail for the back landing... its a work in progress, i still need to add more support to the rail on the stairs:




but progress on the zed carried on.... firstly i had some rust in the top of the drivers quater window, and to be honest it wasn't that bad, just surface and some pitting, i honestly could have just spot welded the holes and ground it back, but i decided to disturb the sleeping dog as they say.... and well a big headache later, i had melted away lead filler, next had a blowtorch burning it all out, but i got it fixed in the end:








After that headache, the next project was to attack the passenger side dog leg, a repeat process of the drivers side:





















So i thought that was the major rust done, but then i uncovered some behind the rear wheel arch at the bottom part of the quater, most of it is in the inner skin, so thats the next project....



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wow i cant believe its been 3 months since my last update! the car had to be put on the back burner for awhile as my now wife and i had to organize everything for our wedding!


So with some help from the guys over on the Datsun Z car forums this happened!




But now all the major stuff had been done, it was time to get back into the garage, and boy was there some dust i had to blow out of the shed.


First area to tackle was the drivers side rear quater, it had a previous repair done, the wheel arch was abit crap so id need to redo that bottom edge. Thanks again to the z car boys for making me up the pannel around 2 months ago, because i had been too busy to do anything car related with all the wedding planning, but it is still sitting on the work bench un opened.




The inner skin was quite abit worse though:




due to not seeing it once done, i decided to tackle this myself, as it would not matter how bad it looked. i started by making a rough area/ shape:




as you can see by the ball pein hammer marks, i tried to beat the hell out of the panel to stretch it into the divot for the fuel filler neck, but it wasn't happening, so i ended up making some relief cuts, then hammering it into shape:




then making some filler pieces, i welded them in:






and once cleaned up:




and trial fit:




pretty happy with the fitment, so i slapped on some KBS rust seal:




next up ill trim locky's outer quater and cut and weld that in place, getting sick of doing rust repairs, just want them finished!!



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UPDATE 7.7.15 - Driver quarter panel repaired, holes shaved!


Been a busy beaver in the garage the last month in spite of the frigid weather, i just close the roller door, put on the heater and hammer away!


So first i cut out all this crap! You can see there was a previous repair made to the lower quarter, which actually wasn't half bad, but it wasn't rust treated.... so guess what happened.....




Got Locky's panel, and with a bit of fettling and hammering i welded it in, you can see the wheel arch was abit wonky, my doing, but i have since fixed it:




Then i moved to the rear corner where i had more rust, and made a patch, this was version 1.0 which was a failure due to not having the correct tools to form the corner.


I wasn't happy with it, so i ended up cutting it out, going and buying a hammer and dolly kit for $70 and making a even bigger patch which actually turned out pretty good.


I also welded up the seam and made a start on making a plate for the 5mph impact bar holes, thanks to Locky from the Z forums for aiding me to identify what the hell they were supposed to be for!:




then some post production magic and this is what it looked like!




From the back it looks like a patch work quilt HA! but i never claimed to be a panel beater or fabricator! Either way im happy with the repair, a bit of KBS rust seal for good measure was used:




Then to weld in the inner skin which i had made previously:




I now had to make a flat end cap for the 2 panels where the wheel arch goes, so here it is!:




and two more views, welded and plug welded into place:






This was the biggest f**K around for me so far, having to re make the corner from scratch, having to make the inner skin from scratch, it has taken over 3 months in total with a hour every night after work.... but im happy with the turnout.


In hindsight........ i should have drilled a few holes in the bottom lip of the inner skin for more drainage, something like a 20mm hole right on the edge in a few places, but there is a hole in the bottom corner, and i really cnbf mucking around with this corner again.


Oh and i found rust where most have them, fuel filler flap.... but next i want to just plug some holes in the doors where mirrors were, and fill the rear antenna hole and the passenger side bumper hole and seam.



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