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Forever in build mode - 180sx + 1jz

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Hey Joo if you want to part with one of those CA front lips let me know! Of course if you just want to hoard cool parts i totally understand!


going to hang on to it man. but i know where to get copy lips from.

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Dont mean to thread hijack, just stumbled on this thread.

Huntser if you want an original 180SX CA front lip i have one that i need to get rid of. I have the stock 180SX pignose front bumper and reo bar too.


I'm in Mt Lawley / Maylands


Send me a PM if your interested.

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didnt end up getting the 2nd zenki lip, due to the seller being a f**kwit.

nothing really exciting happening with the car, been trying to save up for a few important parts, and had a lot of bills to catch up with.


started to modify my crossmember, mount on the right came off easy, but the other one was a bit of a *milkshake*. will get the mounts as far forward as i can.



also been slowly plugging away on the rad support, but its all wrong and i need to change it to suit the cooler.



i also had a work related injury, only missed 1 day :(

smashed my foot through some roof tiles, while on a roof, gashed my leg down to the bone, and got 10 stitches.




and then 3am this morning had a high speed chase end in our driveway lol.

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picked up some new wheels


pair of work rezax 17x9 +35, tried my 4" lips on them for shits and giggles.



work vs-xx 17x8 +9 with a 3" lip, then stuck the 4" lips on to get more track, cos ill probably run these up front. so now they become 17x9 - 4.



then i decided too run the 3" lips from the vs-xx on the rezax, which makes them 17x10 +22. will run them like this until i can afford widebody and more bigger lips.



need to order my cooler, and sit the motor in the bay before i can progress with the rad support, so that i can check clearances etc

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build hasnt progressed alot, due to cash flow issues, boss owes me a few k, so ive just been doing what i can with what ive got.

i have been collecting a few parts however.

got the bits from a mates 2jz build, that never eventuated

mishimoto radiator with top outlet swapped to the other side, to shorten rad hoses. also got a one piece drive shaft, and an exhaust to suit the JZ conversion



some white face gauges, theyre a little gay, but i like them.



this morning grabbed a genuine d-max bootlip. have wanted one for years, so had to grab it when it popped up.





also got some genuine d-max door trims, no pics, but they fit really well. will get these flocked to match the dash.


been super busy lately with work and cash jobs for mates, so will hopefully get some more time soon to finish the front end fabrication.

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