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Removing S14 rear bar

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Okay so had to remove my rear bar on the weekend to remove the tow wiring on my car lol. Figured I would take some pics along the way for anyone wondering how to go about removing a 14 rear bar.




Okay for this you will need one s14 :P







Okay open the boot and you will see the black plastic panel that covers the boot latch.





The black panel is held in by plastic screws (which can be a little annoying to get out so try not to apply to much pressure winding them out)





After this you can remove the very back carpet lining, will be held in by a few clips which should be able to slide out from them




Do the same to the carpet lining either side




Should look something like this




Unscrew the plastic screws underneath the rear bar, these were little shits to get out as the plastic screws wouldn't screw out of the housing, so I ended up using pointy nose pliers to unwind them rather than using a philipshead screwdriver




Undo the 3x bolts each side of the car, these hold the rear bar into the rear of the car. They are 12mm from memory (ignore the the small nut up the top, this is for the rear tail lights, which don't need to be removed for this)




The trailer plug connector I was removing :P




Next remove more plastic screws which are physically located on the rear bar where the boot lid sits. Again careful unwinding these.




What I found was easiest for these was using a small flat head screwdriver under the head of the screw whilst I wound it out, it just helped to get the extra leverage out.




Hurray, screws out :)




Gently pull out the rear bar, and keep in mind that your rear number plate lights will need to be unclipped for if you want to remove it move than shown.




And there you have it, basically reverse the steps for reassembly :)

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