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Cefiro #3

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Hi chaps,


Back again with another cefiro. Wanted to get something with most of the work already done to save my hip pocket. Found this ceffy up in QLD, got it for a good price and drove it home with a mate over the weekend. In hindsight, I should have done some things to it before driving it home. End result was 1 blown coilover, having to buy 2 tires and swap the stockies on to stop scraping.


After driving the thing for 26 hrs (18 hrs in 1 day) it is performing well so far. Doesn't need much done, just going to get the tune checked out, get a new drivers seat and hit up some events.







Series 2 RB25det gearbox with near new NPC button clutch, also just fitted a new centre bearing.

completely forged rebuilt series 2 rb25det engine. (same engine that matches the mod certificates)

scat rods, JE forged pistons, Total seal rings. All balanced with the clutch flywheel and balancer all attached.

Engine sits at a good 8:7:1 ratio so still responsive and not lazy off boost.

head had all tests done for warping and cracks etc. and all new valve guides fitted.

permaseal multilayer steel headgasket

Brand new nissan standard oil pump

front and rear main seals

new tensioner, idler and gates racing timing belt

new water pump

new cam cover seals and cam gear seals. etc.

wrinkle coated cam covers.

WALBRO (genuine) intank fuel pump mounted properly to avoid any fuel surge and hardwired to battery (still under ecu control)

Apexi power FC ECU with handcontroller

Currently tuned to 366hp on 21psi


Greddy copy front facing plenum that has had the ports cleaned up on and the manifold faced for proper seal to the head.

SARD 850cc injectors in standard fuel rail

Drift fuel pressure regulator with associated speedflow lines

D1 remote header tank for the cooling system.

Massive 52mm alloy radiator and still running standard clutch fan. (thermos simply dont work trust me!!)

splitfire coilpacks

GARRETT GT2876r dual ball bearing turbo with internal wastegate and standard nissan dump pipe rear housing.

VH41de airflow metre with custom pod adaptor and filter

Greddy profec electronic boost controller with incab adjustment.

Full 3inch exhaust from the turbo back with a hotdog style muffler and twin 3" drift pipes out the rear

Oil relocation kit and 15 row cooler

PWR powersteering cooler

new engine mounts and gearbox mount.

Allstar performance custom alloy catch can with proflow filter and speedflow lines.




Recently had a full overhaul. =) the standard stuff was pathetic

RDA slotted front 33gtst rotors and bendix ultimate pads

RDA slotted rear 33gtst rotors with brand new genuine handbrake shoes

fitted an r33gtst master cylinder and booster aswell

Has full 5 stud conversion. aftermarket front hubs with new wheel bearings

rears are s14 5 stud hubs with gktech extra long wheel studs.

locked r200 r32 diff with 5 bolt half shafts




S13 JIC MAGIC Coilovers. Base height adjustable front and rear and dampening adjustable think they are 8kg fronts and 6kg rears from memory but relatively comfortable on the street anyway

SELBYS sway bars with 3 way adjustment. (these thinks are awesome)

unknown brand front strut brace

adjustable castor arms

adjustable rear camber arms

GKteck hicas elimination kit (intern gives u adjustable toe arms)

hicas lock bar

Solid subframe collars.




Full safety 21 6 point bolt in rollcage

rear seats removed

boost guage (autometer)

oil pressure and water temp (supercheap specials =P )

MOMO pedal set.




Factory metal guards have been flared roughly 50mm in the front and 80mm in the rear

these have been properly done with the standard bodywork cut, stitched then glassed/filled and painted.

full URAS bodykit with spare kit aswell.

DMAX roof wing

carbon wrapped pillars.


Wheels are genuine SSR Vienna schnitte wheels

rears are 18 x 10.5 +5 with a 8mm spacer to clear the bigger brakes (hence the long wheel studs)

Fronts are 18 x 9.5 +30 with a 45mm spacer to bring the track width inline with the rears.









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Yay welcome back haha, those rear veranda's are huge!!! What you gna do with it, Streeter or track car?

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Yay welcome back haha, those rear veranda's are huge!!! What you gna do with it, Streeter or track car?

Since when do you car about Cefiro's?

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Ha , welcome back to cefiro! Lol , so they really are an addiction!

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Definitely an addiction - especially with this many tasty mods!


Kris - plan is to keep it for a track car for now, then go for club rego next year. 2013, a wonderful year for 1988 model imports :)

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Aaaaaah sweet might contact you when you go for club reg to see how/who you go through, as mines 88 aswel



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Quick update. Haven't done much with the car recently. I sold the bolt in cage out of it so I can get a CAMS cage made up for some events this year.



Picked up some pieces to neaten the car up - S2 lights, front kick panels and a dash surround.


Old S1 lights:




Added S2 lights. Amazing how much better the S2 lights make the car look.



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