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Costa Rica

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So im back from thailand and looking to book my next adventure already. Who has been to costa rica before? what can you tell me about it? any information would be awesome.

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i was in costa rica maybe 9 or 10 month ago. Its a really beuatiful place. Ive done a lot of travel through central and south america and im actually in Thailand right now. But Costa Rica, i have great memories of. Are you going with partner, friends or doing the single thing? Personally i prefer traveling by myself and Costa Rica in certain spots i found some great people and on the positive, test cricket was on so you could stream it live chilling in the hostel in the afternoon into night time. Id have to go back to my photo's to work out exactly where to go but one place that sticks firmly in my mind is a place called Puerto Viejro, i called it porto verjo but im just an idiot so my attempt at the genuine pelling could be very wrong.


This hostel has probably 200 places to sleep or more, i stayed there for a bit over a week sleeping in a tent for 4 or 6 dollars a night, the hostel is called Rocking Jay's and you are litterally on the beach. You can sleep in hammocks for 3 bucks, tents from 4-8 bucks or private rooms arnt much more then 12 a night. not that you need it, plenty of room for 2 in the single tents if you know what i mean. Also you can rent push bikes for about a dollar and go on a 3 or 4km ide to the south and walk to some amazing beaches with no one around. great surf, great scenary and i had great weather there.


negatives would be it isnt the safest place. the food is 3-5 dollars a meal which for that part of the world is pricey, i like to stick to the 3 dollar mark. get used to chicken rice and beans. Night life out of the hostel isnt great, its considered the carrabean so there all black fellas there and one of my friends got robbed at gun point when he was walking 2 minutes behind me so get travel insurance.


cant remember if its in costa rica, panama or nicaragua or whereever i was but we stopped in a town called Liberiya, no, not the country in africa its in the north of what ever country i listed above. but there is a national park with some volcanic hit going on, mud pools and its all very active, alo while walking to the spots theres a veryfast flowing maybe 4 meter waterfall which make for a challanging crossing but thats all part of the fun. but after youve done that you can walk a difffernt path for 6-8km, shit walk you see nothing, but at the end there is the most amazing water fall youll ever see. 12-15 meters high dropping into a pool of cristal clear blue water. we swam and drank beers and ate sandwiches we bought before we got there for 2 or 3 hours and not one other person turned up. amazing.


if you have any questions abotu that part of the world let me know central america is my favorite back packer destination, done it twice and im going to do it again next year. love it.

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