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Dr. Cranium

Do you think gay marriage should be "legalised"?

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the solution.



Gays/straights can be married by the state/courts


'religious folk' are married by the church of their religion



Both have their 'equal rights', both are legal, both are binding, both get their 'day' and neither pisses off the other..........too badly.


IMHO, if i had a church its my decision who i let get married there, straight/not/race /religion etc.

At the same time I also have the attitude, its your life, do what you want/who you want... just don't rub it in everyone's face.



This also means for those who are atheist but want the label of marriage they don't have the 'under god' part to deal with and they are married only under the terms that the state/courts deem necessary. Those who hold marriage up to be an important institution can still be married the old school way. priest n shiznit.

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That is not really a solution because your suggestion is already a reality today (minus the gay part).

People do not have to get married in a church these days, nor do they have to be married by a priest.


A Celebrant is authorised by the state to marry people.


When people talk about legalising gay marriage nobody is talking about forcing priests to allow gays to marry in their church.

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Oh you guys! I'm going over to Boostcruising where the conversations are more mature




You have got to be kidding me!


Straight swaps, your house for my chipped PS2?

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