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Handy items/foods you've discovered at the shops

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Hey guys,


Thought it would be good to start a thread where you can share what good finds you've discovered at the shops specifically for bodybuilding and hopefully we will all get some benefit of trying some new foods.


Bodybuilding.com forums has a lot of great food ideas but unfortunately a lot of the items arent available here hence this thread.


To start off I'll go with these;


Nestle skinny cow ice cream biscuits - low cals / good protein + fiber




Woolworths brand oats - cheap and good quality


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I rarely go to woolies/coles anymore.


Only to buy things like sauce, tuna and other things i can't get from the farmers markets/ through health food wholesalers (get practitioners prices hell yeah).


For 5 people we spend about $70 on fruit and veg, $30 on dry goods (averaged out from bulk buying) and maybe $25-35 on chicken/tuna for the week. And $20 on eggs (family friend raises organic chickens and we get 1 dozen organic free range eggs for $3 as opposed to $7 for 10 at Woolies). My parents/brothers/sister spend over $300 a week.


If you head into the health food sections they have alot of good stuff like muesli bars, cereals etc. that aren't crammed full of sugar.

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Home brand oats

Woolworths generic basmati rice

home brand soda water

frozen berries

Soda water

Coke Zero


tupperware when its on special


Thats about all I buy from the supermarket, the rest is fresh from proper food markets.

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