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What do you guys eat?

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You can give cross fit a go now.

I highly recommend this substituting cardio. Plus it will give the athlectic look.

Most people undermine crossfit. But cross fit has so much more benefits over plain cardio (running, cycling hiit etc)

Cross fit first activates a larger proportion or white twitch fibre and these are mch bigger in size and strength then red. 2nd cross fit produces anabolic and testosterone release thus helping you grow at the same time.

Good theory is working yourself

Constantly above 160bpm(dependent on your age) and above your lactate threshold. Thus, you will also increase in your aerobic capacity/lose weight/ get fitter/ and will attain a more athletic body than just cardio.


Personally I do 1-2 runs a week max. Sometimes 1 sprit sesh. And 3-4 cross fit sessions.

Also, cross fit will allow a higher degree of flexibility. Because of it's functional capacity, it will help you get the full range of motion in your weight training sessions.

(particularly in arears such as cleans, sldl, an front squats)


I would like to know how does cross fit cause ANABOLIC AND TESTOSTERONE RELEASE?.


Testosterone is an anabolic sex hormone responsible for a host of musculoskeletal functions as well as our sex drive and libido. Nearly all exercise damages muscle fibre, therefore the recovery is most prevalent while we sleep as Growth Hormone pulses are strongest while we are in REM sleep so growth hormone is responsible for repair or damaged muscle.


Testosterone has a direct relation to the amount of saturated fat we take in, hence cholesterol is required to make testosterone.


Not trying to be antagonistic, i really would like to know how cross fit can cause a large "anabolic and testosterone release", as we are all learning as we grow, so im all up for a good lesson in hormones in case i have missed something.

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