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RB20DET Manual Conversion in S 13

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Hey guys,

First post on here and hopefully my question isn't to nooby i get flamed and I will point out ive tried to search this up but I havnt had a whole lot of success


So I recently bought an auto s13 which has a fully engineered rb20det silvertop conversion but unfortunately it is auto, I didn't think it would bother me to much and everything else about the car was so perfect compared to everything else I looked at I couldn't pass it up. But ive found myself missing driving manual so im thinking about the possibility of a manual coversion.


Ive been told by a few people a manual conv on a sr20 can run around 1.5k roughly and ive sussed prices on most of the big parts needed for my possible conversion (rb20 5 speed, hd clutch, clutch cylinders) but I have no idea about what sort of thing would be required regarding the driveshaft etc and how much labor would cost to get it done, so my question is how much very roughly would the parts be (see below for a guesstimate on some parts and if thats a good price) and how much for labor.


Note - I have thought about doing it myself but Im not mechanically minded enough the extent of my skills is the basic (pads, shocks, oil, coolant, filters and that sorta jazz)


Box - $250 - 500

Clutch and flywheel - $200 - 1000 (Id likely get semi - used hd one so around 400 ?)

Clutch Cylinders - $150

Driveshaft - ?

Gearbox bolts - ?

Brackets - ?

Pedals - ?

Things I've missed - ?


Thanks in advance :)



Oh and I take it id need manual ecu ?

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Note - I realize is the skyline forum but I thought it made more sense than the silvia one due to the rb20

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easyest way is using an r32 gtst manual box (the r33 box is stronger yet your looking at 1k for the box, plus custom drive shaft and mount)

you need the r32 gtst manual gearbox, plus motor to box bolts as there a different length than the auto ones, including shifter, clutch fork and pivot

the r32 clutch kit (includes pressure plate, clutch plate, throwout bearing and spiggot bearing)

r32 clutch master cylinder,(or r33 one works fine too)


tailshaft (s13 5 speed tailshaft)

gearbox crossmember (unsure of what one exacty, most ppl say C yet my car took an A

gear shifter insulator and surround

gearshifter surround for center console

s14 clutch master cylinder

s13/s14 clutch pedal bracket including pedal

s13 brake pedal


you do not need a manual ecu

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Scott has pretty much covered everything. When we put an RB20DET in my S13 everything was pretty much a straight swap, R32 engine and gearbox crossmembers both bolted straight in. S13 driveshaft also bolted straight up to the gearbox. No massaging of the tunnel required, shifter position is normal as well.


Assuming you buy all the correct parts it would probably cost a few hundred in labour to pay someone to do it.

Factor in a few hundred more just in case they run into trouble or something doesn't quite fit.

So probably $1.5k - $2k all up I would guestimate.

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auto vs. manual ignition timing maps are different, you'll find you will make a touch more power on the manual one, but if you're going aftermarket OR nistune etc.. don't bother with it for now

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