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The Nissansilvia.com Best Quotes thread.

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Been without a net connection so to answer questions in general is we modify cars they way we want not to re sell and try make money cause it doesn't work that way ahaha...money is not the issue at hand I can afford it...as for suspension the yellow speeds are the best entry level setup on the market right now and are dirt cheap...lowering the front equals more weight pushed towards the front to try keep weight over the wheels...they ddo not make a replacement sway bar as the sttandard is a 24mm just replacing buches with super pro ones...engine mods are roughly listed on the 1st or 2nd page if u read and there is no underthinking here I have a nismo lsd I do not have a par set yet but am in the process of getting the best price looking around 5-6k atm for a full 5 dog gear and syncro swap...and the afm is the z32 and is more than enuff for this car I have 550cc injectors I already know a place that will nistune and dyno...yes u balance cams because of wear over time and u retension valve springs because after 300000kms they tend to loosten off I have tomei rocker arms to prevent flicking a rocker arm at 7k...the turbo is a GT2871rs with spider manifold to keep the ac pump...I have a w10 avenir motor which is standard turbo because the gtir motors are dogs...the pistons are being replaced with forged 20thou bigger pistons as I'm boring the block to ensure straight cylinders...as for seeing it at the show thnx for the compliment and the muddy drive in didn't help ahaha and the fmi is currently a cold air intake setup as the front bar looked like shit and empty without it...if I missed anything too bad haha


I still struggle to see how this works?


The only way to put more weight over the front wheels is to physically put more weight obver the axle. Or custom spring rates front to rear.




But please do explain your thinking behind the lower front helping with traction? I could be wrong


Aren't cars full of water? So tip it forward and it all goes to the front

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