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help - regency infomation required

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help please 1st post ever.

im thninking of buying a mazda 1300, its mint as far as paint, brakes, suspension, wiring etc

im going to put a 13b stocky or 12a stocky in it.

what do I need to have done or do with the car - either with engineering or just passing thru regency.

the car is to be seasonally registered

is there going to be major headf___ks? or if the car is mint will it be ok?

car has not had rego since 2002.

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if you go down to regency you can actually get a form to fill out stating what you want to do. you can fill it out, forward it to them and theyll shoot back a letter stating exactly what you need to do and if its legal or not.



id dare say with a brake upgrade and the usual engineering./roadworthy test itd be fine

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