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Any Backyarders out there want to repair/respray my motorbike fairing?

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Hey all. Had a stationary drop on my ducati 400ss. both sides have copped it, one side worse than the other. If I can help it id like to get it all fixed as cheaply as possible as Im looking to off load the bike soon anyway (work drying up and getting very desperate for cash).


Left hand fairing has a bout a 200mm crack from near the indicator. Right hand side has a smallish dint. Both sides have small chips and scratches through-out. (pic's included)


Im in south east suburbs. Ive already had a few rough quotes from proper panel shops. If I have to pay that price I will but Id like to just try my luck on here first. Will pay cash, and I don't expect a super-duper job. Just want the bike looking half decent before it goes up on the market.


Fairings are already off the bike, and I'l deliver them to you. Willing to travel within reason :)



Cheers guys!



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what material is it, plastic, fibreglass?


i can help im also in the south east, send us a pm

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