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Autosport Time Attack - Round 1 - 11th June 2012

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Please find attached Autosport Time Attack Round 1 2012


Held under CAMS Club Permit No. 512/1106/01


Please send your 2012 Autosport Time Attack Round 1 Entry Form (with Payment) to:


Mitsubishi GSR/EVO Club

PO Box 10303



Fax 0882324446




Direct Deposit Payment:

Mitsubishi GSR/EVO Club Inc

BSB: 085443

Acc#: 549085646 (NAB)




Autosport Time Attack Round 1 2012


pdf-med.gifAutosport Time Attack Round 1 2012 ENTRY FORM


pdf-med.gifAutosport Time Attack Round 1 2012 SUPP REGS


Please note: Both Supp Regs and Entry Forms have now been approved by CAMS and the permit number is now attached. Please also be aware that there may be minor changes applied and to re-confirm your understanding of the Supp Regs prior to the day.

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First off the rank for SA Motorsport Tyres entry in the Tuner Series 2012, Robert Catford makes a welcome comeback to club racing since his first time attack round appearance of 2011 in head turning fashion. Robbie successfully steered his 1988 Mitsubishi VR4 into the 1:20s in trying conditions, which many thought improbable for such a platform and in full club class specification. When this entry was filed for round 1 2012, we drew a closer interest and needed to find out more.

Fact is, this VR4 is not that highly modified under the hood as Robbie expanded; “Old men and old cars go hand in hand, and this is why the galant 4WD turbo appealed to me some 3 years ago when the opportunity rose to purchase from my nephew who had it stored away in a northern country barn caked in bull dust. Being imported from Japan in 2006, the VR4 was unmodified, unmolested, and had very limited kilometres. A blank canvas for a bit of fast fun and blood pumping adrenaline to scare some of the newest technologies. I must admit we are a bit off the pace when it comes to horsepower, but the true development has been focused on the driveline strength in anticipation for increased power once I get more seat time. I have worked closely with Mike Dale Automotive on this build who has dialled in a very driver rewarding differential set up, consisting of front and rear Kaaz LSDs and Evolution RS 4 bolt rear end. The driver feedback is absolutely sensational and brings back the enjoyment of application by driver – none of that AYC, ACD, ESC that those modern platforms possess. The trend doesn’t stop in the driveline; this VR4 boasts EVO 3 brakes, custom braided lines, project mu pads all round and an aftermarket coilover set up, so we can use every ounce of performance the original 2 litre 4G63 can pump out.”

“Mallala is a hard circuit for any club class car with the bare essentials for the discipline and certainly illuminates problem areas for any developing vehicle. We saw the demise of the gear set in our first outing and also noted slight radiator inefficiencies. Subsequently, VR4 had an extended omit from my 2011 club racing campaign, and in off season, mad scientist Mike Dale addressed the gear set with more desirable ratios and a thicker aftermarket EVO 3 radiator core. The gear set is pretty trick and complements the driveline allowing full use and abuse of the existing horsepower. I am very excited to be back into the time attack and hillclimb series with the amended inadequacies, and the new club class regulations play right into the direction of the build and driver deliverance. Last year’s shakedown was my first track day since 2007 and absolutely loved it. I know there is more in it, so we set out to dominate the class with a new set of Hankook Z221s from SA Motorsport Tyres, and driver aids such as harness set and Evo 9 Recaros, and if time permits a half cage to complete the package. This vehicle is still a roadie, and interior still remains to keep it compliant for the AWD Turbo Challenge series. The addition of the seats is sure keep me in one spot, those 1987 style galant seats and OEM seat belt are a little concerning – remember safety first!”




The Hankook competition tyre range has been very successful in time attack racing since they became very active in their marketing during 2010 and 2011 in Australia. Their Ventus-RS3 UTGQ 140 spec high performance street tyre and the Z221 semi-slick tyre have dominated respective classes in this discipline. Robbie takes full advantage of SA Motorsport Tyres on track support and advice when it comes to application and maintenance of race tyres for each event. “I was very impressed with the braking grip and stability of the Hankook Z221 215x45R17 semi-slicks we ran at this event last year, and will be my desired choice for the 2012 season. We are currently devising a plan for a wider tread package that should see us maximise grip and have superior heat management” Robbie suggested.

Driveline and tyre investment appear to be covered on this VR4, but more specifically, we need to know more about the horsepower these first generation DOHC 4G63’s can produce. Avoiding the confrontational questions thus far, Robbie finally divulged the details of the engine; “No secrets on the horsepower, a ‘limiting’ 206kw at the wheels. You see it is limited because of investment into other areas of the VR4’s development. Between Mike Dale Automotive and I, we are confident the ECMLink software and E85 custom tuning holds a sound performance and safety relationship to ensure engine reliability. However, in the case the inevitable foresees, I have been very proactive on saving empty beer cans for recycling, in the reality that the more you drink the more engine modifications your can afford! One day I will get the scary engine I deserve! For the interim, Mike Dale Automotive has produced a best result for the hardware I had available, and to be honest, it is a decent amount for the time being. Starting with the turbo an Evo 3 big 16G item with GTpumps high flow manifold, 910cc Siemens injectors, Kelford 264 intake, BC 272 exhaust cam shafts with resulting boost all controlled with a Greddy Profec B at 19psi gives this VR4 a nice starting plate for what is approximately a 1,450kg platform.”

With all things considered a decrease in Robbie’s personal best time will see him with a prime opportunity to contest the new club class for 2012, however realistic that other teams are more in tune with their track set-ups around the ratchet time of 1:15.00 for the class, but we all want to see this VR4 and Robbie keep them honest during the Tuner Series 2012.



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Don't believe forum gossip,

Don't believe your best mate,

Don't believe your brothers, girlfriends, uncles, son who runs a Mitsubishi Eclipse with a MoTec System Exhaust......


This event IS going ahead!!


Get your entries in ASAP otherwise your Tuner House won't be in with a chance!

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Long supporting privateer of Time Attack, Ryan Probert, reveals his strong intentions for the 2012 Tuner Series with the backing from Exhaust Technology. Ryan has dominated the RWD classes since his introduction in 2010 when his Nissan S14 had full street trim and standard turbo. Ryan suggests he is now hooked and has come a long way with vehicle development. Working hard during the offseason in order to charge the open class standings, Ryan has added polycarb side and rear windows, carbon/fibre glass boot, APR GTC-300 adjustable wing, new front custom splitter, and removal of the A/C.

Ryan has access to a wide range of aftermarket parts being the owner of ISC, a business that aim to bring in quality parts at an affordable price to the Japanese modified car market. “The S14 is basically a promotional car for our ISC parts, we have bolted everything onto the car from the ISC N1 coilovers, complete ISC suspension arms package up to the ISC adjustable cam gears, ISC 52mm alloy radiator and ISC front mount intercooler kit! The car is currently running a responsive 244rwkw with a disco potato (one step up from the standard turbo). The car definitely isn’t a power monster but the aim is to have to aero, brakes and handing 100% sorted before pumping anymore power through. The S14’s current Time Attack PB is a 1:17.69 around Mallala (Round 3 2011). Hopefully this year we can knock a second or two off that time!” he explained.

ISC are continually expanding each year releasing new and exciting products, and even support the local Time Attack and G1 Drift series. Ryan also has a thriving business association Exhaust Technology; “I have known Marky and Megan for quite some time now and have taken multiple cars there for exhaust and other custom fabrication work. I can definitely vouch for the high quality of workmanship that comes out of their shop. Exhaust Technology is also a re-seller for our ISC N1 coilovers along with our other ISC products. I look forward to giving Exhaust Technology some good exposure in 2012 and hopefully accumulating some championship points along the way.”

With the sexy new carbon additions and 18x9.5 Work Emotion 11R wheel package we can not wait to see this S14 in open class!



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Evo's and GTR's and GT3.....oh my!


Borrow some Oil from the TinMan, Courage from the Lion and you too can enter Time Attack!

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This coming Monday everyone!!


Time Attack is still going ahead and is not affected by the recent tragic incident at Mallala.


My condolences to family and friends of the driver.

Edited by Silk Rd

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Autosport Time Attack Round 1 - PROVISIONAL RESULTS

1:14.562 - Car #2 - Mark Jantke - Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - OPEN CLASS

1:15.680 - Car #77 - Andrew Tessari - Mazda RX-7 - CLUB CLASS

1:15.721 - Car #727 - Michael Willis - Mitsubishi Evo 9 - CLUB CLASS

1:15.810 - Car #51 - Steve Lightfoot - Clubman - OPEN CLASS

1:16.315 - Car #3 - Shane Carroll - Mitsubishi Evo VI - CLUB CLASS

1:17.725 - Car #14 - Ryan Probert - Nissan Silvia S14 - CLUB CLASS

1:18.236 - Car #553 - Tim O'Daly - Porsche GT3 - CLUB CLASS

1:19.125 - Car #32 - Daniel Crisa - Nissan Skyline R32 GTST - STREET CLASS

1:19.469 - Car #53 - Amelia Eime - Porsche GT3- CLUB CLASS

1:19.641 - Car #30 - Evan Harvey - Mitsubishi Evo VI - STREET CLASS

1:20.047 - Car #8 - Paul Staniforth - Mitsubishi Evo 8MR- CLUB CLASS

1:20.229 - Car #26 - Michael Lewis - Honda Civic- CLUB CLASS

1:21.601 - Car #36 - Robert Catford - Mitsubishi VR4 - CLUB CLASS

1:22.402 - Car #64 - Leon Buitenhuis - Mitsubishi Evo VII - CLUB CLASS

1:23.062 - Car #171 - Dave Settle - Evo 8MR - CLUB CLASS

1:23.856 - Car #33 - Alex Hill - Nissan Skyline R33 GTST - STREET CLASS

1:23.934 - Car #87 - Kathleen McCormick - Mitsubishi Evo VI - STREET CLASS


Autosport Time Attack Round 1 Fastest Times

Open Class 1:14.562 - Car #2 - Mark Jantke - Nissan Skyline R32 GTR $150 Autosport Direct Gift Voucher

Club Class 1:15.680 - Car #77 - Andrew Tessari - Mazda RX-7 $150 Autosport Direct Gift Voucher

Street Class1:19.125 - Car #32 - Daniel Crisa - Nissan Skyline R32 GTST $100 Autosport Direct Gift Voucher


Autosport Time Attack Round 1 - Top 10 Shootout

"The fastest time recorded by each “Top Ten” competitor through normal competition during the day will be used in conjunction with their “Top Ten” shoot out time to determine improvement of lap times as a percentage. A competitor scoring more than 100% indicates that the competitor recorded a faster time in the “Top Ten Shoot out” than during normal competition, less than 100% indicates a slower time."


100.34% Evan Harvey

99.97% Alex Hill

99.61% Andrew Tessari

99.37% Mark Jantke

99.29% Ryan Probert

98.85% Shane Carrol

98.08% Michael Willis

97.91% Steve Lightfoot

96.44% Michael Lewis


Autosport Time Attack Round 1 Top 10 Shootout Winner

100.34% - Evan Harvey - Mitsubishi Evo VI $500 Cash Prize

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Can anyone that came down and took some pictures either please post here or link me to an account (Facebook, Photobucket etc) where some pictures are?



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