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[RCBRED] Plates for sale, Anyone interested? VIC

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Hey guys,

YEARS ago when I had my R32 GTR, I bought the places [RCBRED] which is ment to say Race Bred, In unofficial link with the RB26dett.


Its been sometime now and I dont have the GTR anymore, Despite my vision of oneday owning a R34 GTR and rocking these plates, I dont think the time will come.


Im not sure if anyone would like these plates, But i certainly did and a few people Ive met predict Id be able to get a good price for them, Some say over a grand, Some say a few grand, so without sounding like a douche ill just see what happens.


So anyway to keep with rules.

Any REALISTIC offers over $500 would be taken seriously.

Not sure if this is in the right place


OH and the plates have NEVER been registered to a car, Just on for 1 day for a photoshoot.



^^^ Pic of plates on said photoshoot.


0431242703, Located in melbournes west!

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Thank god! Someone who isn't trying to cash in on plates. Just saying that I respect how you've delivered this for sale pitch in a mature way with a realistic price so here's a goodluck with sale.

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