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all seems too hard lol, ill just be your shadow in august haha

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Antonio. If you can't find upgarage for us i don't wanna come with you anymore.

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Locations would be great mate :)


the up-garage i was thinking of going to was on the eastern side of the Tokyo CBD. I'm happy to see anything really. we'll be going to nikko or ebisu to check out the drift tracks in real life too.

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I went with my gf to japan in January.

We knew no Japanese not even basics.

Felt like a mute.

As antonio said you can point your way around, an if people see you lost they do try so hard to help.

Japan Is mind blowing for it's Peoples kindness, there trustworthyness, and they way everything operates makes our network systems here look like the early 1900s as though we haven't moved forward.


My best description is imagine two rows of people walking shoulder to shoulder in opposite direction, in australia there will b people cutting through side to side trying to get in front and in long slowing down everyone.

In japan there is pure formation and it all flows so smoothly no one cuts no one walks down the opposite line like a fool tryna be a hard case.


There trains on our first day were hard to understand but once we took it a few times it was pure awesomness...there cabins are heated at the back of your legs.


The shops are honest about money and expect you to place it on the money tray at the till and this is how you recieve it back.


Very few ppl actually wore face masks, although they are given out on most corners for free.


Clothing quality is awesome

food is awesome, maccas is way better there.

Those automated carparks do really exist lol, so awesome.

Try Donabe stew you will love it.

Find a pachinko slot, so quiet till the door opens lol blows your mind.

Go to Yodobashi electrical district omg so much awesome crap, u just can't buy it cos they power difference.

I was charging my iPhone just using a international adapter in there power sockets although no reception. You need there network sim.


Autobacs at Shinonome was a big let, although I picked up my nardi wheel from there.


Autosalon wasn't all i expected from it.


Go to the zoo it costs like a few dollars to get in not $60 like here lol.


Disneyland is just for kids although was an experience, I got sick of seeing Mickey everywhere.


If you like toys find toy shops omg blows your mind at what they have and what we miss out on.


Smoking booths are hilarious u can't smoke in publi u have to find these little rooms on corners of the streets.


Go to shibuya crossing and wait lol. I can't understand how at every light change it gets packed, it's like the government pays people to wait for the crossing light and continually cross every light change lol.


There wangans are unbelievable in smoothness cambered turns and the heights of bridges.


I want to go again.


Might think of other stuff.

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