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Kranzes USA adventures

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posting this stuff here: http://thoughtsdescribed.wordpress.com/


but also figured i'd post it on here too.




day1 18032012

arrived at ADL airport at 330am via Liam, only to recieve a text half an hour later from Qantas saying flight 93 to LAX has been delayed half an hour, yet to understand how they can delay a flight 5 hours before it’s supposed to leave. flight to melbourne went fine, slept all of the 45 minutes, slight delay on the tarmac but was hardly a delay compared to the LAX flight delay. 2 hours after the original take off time (10am) we were finally in the plane, half an hour later we were in the air. tried to sleep as much as possible, i’d say i got around 5-7hours, maybe a little more, shout out to Nyquil for the help. lady sitting next to me with her children seems nice, first time to the US and they’re flying onto Orlando FL but not sure how they’ll go getting their connecting flight due to the delays, her kids are into BMX and skating, that’s tight. Airbus A380 is nice, let down by not having laptop power points avaiable in economy, apparently is a premium economy thing, would have been nice to know that beforehand but laptop battery was 100% so no matter. tried to watch a couple of movies on the in flight entertainment but couldn’t get into them, kept dozing off, still better than what United had to offer. woke up 2 hours out of LA for a feed of fruit and a cup of tea. decided to start on S1 of Entourage again to kill some time, have watched it all before but not for a year or 2. currently bumping a Jigga original, hard knock life. now 38 minutes out of LA, going to freshen up, brush teeth, change clothes and try to smell nice for the lady, but i’m sure she’ll understand if i don’t smell up to scratch, already feel the jetlag, here’s hoping i can be over it by tomorrow (sunday) night. currently 147AM in ADL and 817AM in LA.


entry1 cont.


day1 cont. 18032012

got off the plane finally, got to customs, did the normal entry shit then got told to wait where i was for an officer to come and get me. heart rate immediately went sky high. waited in a seat for about 5 minutes in ‘zone Z’, which had a big sign saying ‘Admissibility Review”, figured it was probably due to coming back to the country after only being here a month ago. got called to the desk where they asked me what i was here for, how long for etc, answered all the questions, told them i was here with Liam last month to film BMX but this time i’m just on a holiday, the mood settled when i mentioned BMX and the guy started talking about his $300 Huffy (lol), asked my how much my bike was worth and ended up having a quick talk about BMX before he said i’m good to go. went to pick up my bag and bike box. bike box was sitting randomly by itself in the middle of nowhere, so grabbed it and waited for my bag to come around, 15 minutes later i still couldn’t find it, finally a worker came up and asked if i was with Qantas, i said yes and he immediately started searching for my bag which was awesome. ended up getting paged over the loud speaker saying my bag was sitting inbetween conveyor 4 and 5. went to get it and a lady was standing with it. happy with how they handled that situation due to all the delays (flights, customs etc). finally got out and rounded the corner to see the girl standing waiting for me, i must have been a bad sight but damn it felt good to hug her. i thought i was in calfornia but the wet and miserable weather made me think otherwise. i couldn’t give a care though, was just happy to be here. the whole day is a bit of a blur but i don’t think i’m too jetlagged, just tired more than anything. had a late breakfast at a spot which was awesome. krystles mum is super nice and chilled, nothing but helpful and understanding. went to target after breakfast then came back to the house and chilled out on the couch, ended up sleeping for a few hours i think, i don’t really remember how long. currently 625PM in ADL and 1256AM in LA.




day2 18032012

woke up around 130PM after sleeping since about 130am. damn good sleep, especially after falling asleep on the couch for a few hours beforehand, nothing could wake me. didn’t do much today thanks to the jetlag, just chilled on the couch for most of it. there’s a tv show or something being filmed in the house this week so the rest of the afternoon/night was spent tidying the place up and running around doing random tasks and eating a meal from carl jr’s. have to stay in a motel for the week while the house is being used, i think i’ll be staying in beverley hills or somewhere in that area so will be able to do all the hollywood things and see the sights. jetlag has played with my body a little, not feeling very good today but i’d say tomorrow morning i’ll be feeling better. only a short post tonight as nothing eventful happened today, no doubt i’ll have more to post in the daily updates during this week. currently 812PM in ADL and 243AM in LA.




day3 19032012

so today started off fairly early with not much sleep as the TV people had to have us clear out of the house so they could get in to do whatever they needed to do. the rest of the day (until around 3ish) was spent getting stuffed around by hotel people not doing their job properly trying to get somewhere to stay for the week. we got a room at The Marriott Marina del Rey hotel which is super nice and has a pretty cool view. we hung out for a while before we went out to a place called Muligans for Krystles brothers birthday. It’s basically an Intencity but they have more things to do, like go karting etc, and they serve food aswell, which was good because by the time we got there i was way too hungry. we ate food and played a few arcade games before we headed back to the hotel. i was falling asleep driving back so by the time we got to bed i was asleep in about 5 minutes, thus writing this post today instead of last night. now that the jetlag is all gone i can actually start doing things without falling asleep all the time, so these posts will be more interesting from here on out, i promise. also, you’ll notice the dates on my posts don’t match up properly due to me living 2 Saturdays because of the long flight and time zones. currently 807AM in ADL and 237PM in LA.

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You find a girl the first time you went to the US or something? I stayed in the same hotel, it's pretty ballerific.

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