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Problem with wheel and guard

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hey guys, I have an issue with my car that and i am chasing possible answers to, basically the scenario is as follows.


The car is a 1995 180sx with all stock front suspension arms and the only thing that is after market is the BC BR coil overs. After lowering the car to the SAME height (being 62.5 front the ground to the guard), I noticed when i was looking at it by eye, the gap between the guard and the tyre on the left hand front is different to the Right hand front, but its actually the same height on both sides,when measured from ground to guard. The other issue is the wheel on the left hand front sits further in from the guard compared to the right hand front(both wheels are same size and offset, 17x8.5+25), looking like as though the front left wheel is a higher offset to the right.


I am pretty sure this car has been in a accident before, as though he hit the gutter or something and it has been repaired, but i am not sure as to the extent of the damage it had.


I'd like to hear your thoughts as to what could be causing the problems, chassis?, suspension arms?, guard?

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more than likely the guard is up the shit. did you measure it with a measuring tape? and height should be measured from the WHEEL to the guard on FLAT, LEVEL ground.


as for the wheel sticking out i'd say you haven't bolted up the clevis properly (the 2 bolts that hold the coilover to the knuckle) so the camber at the camber tops will be the "same" but at the clevis it will be different

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