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Using a standard S15 ecu in a S14A? Possible..... hear me out first.

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Before everyone flames me... let me get this clear,i know it would probably be easier if i go aftermarket ECU (power fc,microtech etc etc), but i havnt got the funds to do that,to both buy the aftermarket ecu and then go get it tuned. So i came up with the idea i possibly using a standard S15 ecu into a S14A. They are basically the same engine (VCT),besides the extras like injector sizing etc,but i'm not sure what else it would be controlling different to the S14A.

In doing this S15 ecu into S14A swap, i can also use things like the 480cc injectors from a standard S15 instead of the smaller S14A ones due to the computer already being factory tuned to suit them.


Car is basically standard at the moment, but will have in the near future running approx 12-14psi :


- full turboback exhaust (Already have a Jasma catback so only needing, dump/front/cat) GKTECH setup $250/ punched 3" cat $40, or if i can find cheap second hand setup.

- Basic front mount intercooler (want to use standard piping in the engine bay to the SMIC but use a bigger core positioned at the front,similar to a "NO HOLES GKTECH setup) aprrox $300 (either Ebay or JUST JAP)

- Turbotech bleed valve $ 40

- Modified airbox with upgraded panel filter $ FREE

- Standard S14A t28 = same as S15 turbo minus the ball bearing setup. $ FREE

- obviously S15 480cc injectors = $200

- S15 ecu $ 100 ??

- Power run on dyno/check AFR= $100-$200


BUDGET IS APPROX- $1000-$1500


I am happy to make anywhere from 180kw - 200kw as per what a basic modified S15 would make,just in the S14A shell.I will do all these mods myself as i have fitted basic mods like this in the past with no drama's,add for a $100 power run to check AFR on a dyno.


Add to this a diff ratio change at a later date,from the Shitty 3.69 or whatever to a decent r33 4.11 or 4.3 setup and i think i could have a decent everyday car to terrorise in.


I will also add that i came up with this idea after reading it is possible to use a Power FC suited to a S15 in a S14A when changing a couple of wires around to suit on the standard loom/pinouts.


Give me your thoughts if i'm wasting my time or not. Thanks in advance and if anyone in sydney want to help out with parts they may have for sale etc let me know.



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standard s14 ecu with just timing and boost to 14psi will get you 180+ with fmic, exhaust and fuel pump


noit worth the hassle

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yeah thats what my last s14a had,was hoping closer to the 200 mark without a aftermarket ecu...

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