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Guide: S15 gearstick surround 5-speed pattern conversion

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This is a really simple thing to do, and probably doesn't warrant a guide, but some people find it cute mod for an S15 dash conversion or 5-speed upgrade.

I realise that there's no 'R', but I doubt the Police will get you for that. Not to mention if you need the location of Reverse explained given the pattern, you're a bit too f**ked-up to be allowed behind the wheel anyway.




Difficulty = 2

Where 10 is rebuilding an engine, and 0 is mooning pedestrians.


Time Required = 15 minutes + paint and bondo drying time

Ain't rocket science people.


Tools Required

  • Bondo
  • Razor knife
  • 400 grit wet & dry
  • Primer and paint


Step 1. Remove the gear boot plastic trim.


Step 2. Sand the paint off the trim using 400 grit wet & dry. A lightly-rough surface is ideal.


Step 3. Apply bondo to any dings or scratches. Cover the '6' 'R' and 'line' on the shift pattern with a skim of bondo. Skreed off the excess bondo for best results.




Step 4. When dry, sand the bondo smooth, and clean up the edge of the 5th and reverse line with a razor knife.




Step 5. Prime and paint with your choice of colour.




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