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GKTECH SR20 Billet coolant neck spacer @ $34



Want to install an aftermarket coolant temp sensor but don't want to cut into your radiator hose? Me either! Instead of doing that simply unbolt your factory coolant neck and install this spacer in between the neck and the head. The spacer has the provision for a 1/8" NPT provision or alternatively if used in conjunction with a barbed fitting this spacer could be used as the source for a coolant breather tank.


- Light weight T6-6061 billet aluminium construction

- Direct bolt on

- Confirmed fitment for all RWD SR20's, both SR20DE and SR20DET's. These will NOT fit front wheel drive SR20's.



Do you make these to suit other cars?

No, we only sell the products listed on our website. If it's not listed on here, then we don't sell it. Sorry.


Where does this go?

This part goes in between the coolant neck on the passenger’s side of the motor and the head.


What’s the advantage of this spacer over getting a spacer in the radiator hose?

The spacer is sandwiched up against the head so it is much safer than a cut in between a flexible hose which is then sealed with clamps.


Is there anything else that I need to install this spacer?

You will need some gasket sealant and some basic tools. Installation shouldn’t take much longer than about 30-45 minutes and is quite easy. We recommend removing your intercooler piping and intake piping if it’s in the way.






Click the link here and add the item to your cart:





Greg Kruse - GKTECH


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