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GKTECH 180sx SR20DET no hole intercooler kit @ $599




NOTE: The photos below are of our prototypes. The retail version is as per the above images (Ie. stainless steel painted black)


s13kit1.jpg s13kit2.jpg


s13kit3.jpg s13kit4.jpg


s13kit5.jpg s13kit6.jpg


s13kit7.jpg s13kit8.jpg






There are a number of intercooler kits on the market but most require holes to be cut in the chassis (ILLEGAL) and they often require you to remove your air box (pod filter and intercooler in many states is ILLEGAL). BUT there isn't really any other cheap option.... or is there???


We have developed a kit from scratch to your specifications. The front mount intercooler measures 464x154x90mm and uses custom designed endtanks for optimum flow. The intercooler end tanks and stainless steel piping are all black for that extra stealth look. The piping is mandrel bent stainless steel 304 and fits and looks just like it was there from the day the car rolled off the Nissan production like. The kit allows you to keep aircon, keep your stock airbox, and there is no need for any holes to be cut in your car.



- The complete kit which includes all required pipe work, intercooler, required silicone hoses and stainless steel clamps. Everything required is included.



What's the advantage of an intercooler kit?

Intercoolers cool the charged air which in turn gives you optimum performance.


Do I need to modify my car to fit the intercooler kit?

Slight trimming of the bumper bar reinforcement and the bumper bar will be required. Besides this, no modifications are required to fit this intercooler kit.


Is this intercooler kit legal?

Please contact your local RTA for confirmation based on the information on this website regarding the intercooler kit.


Does the kit fit with a stock air box?

Yes, the kit has been designed to fit with the stock air box in its place.


Will this kit fit a CA18?

If you want to fit this to a CA18 powered vehicle you will need to modify the pipe that goes over the radiator and goes to the throttle body. The piping is stainless steel and can easily be modified.


Do you make a kit to suit a high mount turbo?

As this intercooler kit utilises the standard hot pipe going to the turbo, you can use this intercooler kit with any turbo you like.


What size is the piping?

The piping ranges from 2.25” through to 2.75” and is all mandrel bent stainless steel.


What size is the intercooler?

The intercooler core size is 464 x 154 x 90mm’s.


Do you sell the kit with a bigger intercooler?

No, we only make this kit with the 1 size intercooler core and we don't do any custom work. Sorry.


How much power can the intercooler kit handle?

The intercooler kit is efficient up to around 300rwkw’s. We have an S15 here with 250rwkw’s running one of the no hole intercooler cores and it gets virtually no heat soak under the most extreme conditions.


Do you sell the kit with polished piping/intercooler instead of black?

No, we only make the kit in black and we don’t do any custom work. That said, the pipe work is all stainless steel so you could easily strip back the paint and polish the piping.


Does the kit have a provision for a blow off valve?

Yes, the intercooler kit has a provision for a blow off valve. You can either use your standard blow off valve setup or alternatively install an aftermarket unit. The piping has a bracket on it so that the standard blow off valve setup will bolt straight up in the standard position.


How long does this kit take to install?

If you have the right tools and access to a hoist then you can install this intercooler kit in as little as 2-3 hours.


Is this kit something that I could install myself?

Yes, if you’ve got mechanical knowledge and you’re pretty handy then you should be able to install this intercooler kit. It’s not rocket science.






Click the link here and add the item to your cart:





Greg Kruse - GKTECH


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