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1999 Mirage VRX - crappy cold start/idle/performance/fuel economy

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Need some help, this thing is doing my head in



Its my wifes Mirage, been trying to fix the problem for a couple of months now


Basically, if I let it sit overnight and start it in the morning, it runs on two then three cylinders for a minute or so, with the odd stall, then clears up and starts idling fine. When its warm, no problems at all. Its also gutless during normal driving, like driving with the handbrake up and fuel economy is pretty crappy, about 300-350 kays per tank


So far I have done the following:


New plugs

New leads

Clean dizzy contacts and rotor button

Clean throttle body and intake manifold (twice) - this fixes the problem for a few days, but it comes back

New air filter

New fuel filter


Could it be a busted oxy sensor causing the plugs to foul up? I'll pull them out this weekend and see what they look like.


Engine itself is in good nick, serviced every 6 months with fresh oil and filter and the car has done 135,000km



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check the vacuum lines, there is a shitty one under the intake manifold which is hard to tell if its split. buy and length of it and just change them all, cost you $10 and may fix your problem

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