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What are The most Important Gauges are a Must have.

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Seems logical but you only need gauges for the factors you want to measure........


G sensor is at the top of my list.

The only way to measure grip on the fly.


But if your wanting to measure engine health it's pretty obvious what you need isn't it?

Regardless gauges won't help you unless your eyes are glued to them every single second your driving.

I would never install gauges again after owning a blitz meter. It plugs into the factory Nissan consult port and gives you 10+ gauges with warnings/peak recalls for about $200 these days.

You even get afm & injector readings


http://www.nengun.com/blitz/r-vit-i-color-flash ???

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gauge to show how wet your passengers are, its a must!

i just use my fingers..















guys or girls, it's all goooood

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