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Group 3, 4 and 5? What base stock group is Motul?

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Many have asked, 'What base stock does Motul use; Group 3, 4 or 5?'


Hopefully this will help answer that question.



Groups 1 to 3 are crude oil base stock. Groups 4 and 5 are synthetic base stock and are totally man made. These groups are able to be blended which is why you get semi-synthetic. Technically speaking, the term synthetic has been over-used to the point where a 30% blend can be termed Synthetic, not semi-synthetic. Depending on the Motul product, it will be either of the Groups 3,4 or 5.

300V for example, is a pure double ester synthetic, group 5 base stock. Double ester synthetic is the ultimate in lubricants today.

4100 Turbolight on the other hand comes branded Technosynthese, which by EU standards is semi-synthetic, but by Australian standards, is considered a full synthetic. To call it group 3.5 wouldn’t do it justice, so for all good purposes, let’s consider it a Group 4.

Motul also has mineral oil to cater for vintage cars. There is the single grade mineral for pre-1950’s and multigrade for post-1950’s. This oil is a group 3.


Motul has a number of manufacturer approvals for various lines of products. Keep in mind that a recommended oil is not the same as approved. In most cases, if an oil is recommended then it might only just meet the standards for that make and model. An approved engine oil though, meets and exceeds those standards based on outcomes of thorough testing regardless of its base stock group.

Whether you end up getting Motul or not, try your best to get an approved engine oil or one that exceeds the manufacturers standards to ensure you get the best protection for your engine.



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