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Changing BOV, need a tune?

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Hi NS,


Just looking for some advice re: I want to change my standard re-circulation valve to a plumb back/atmospheric one, like the turbo smart dual port thingies, I love a little psssh inbetween gear changes but don't want it to be EPA-able. :)


Now, considering I've got a Nistune, will the change in amount re-circulated air be significant enough to require a re-tune?


Also, any recommendations around which type of BOV based on what your currently using?


Cheers girls and guys

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If you want it to go pssssh, it will likely be EPA able as you'll be venting to atmosphere. If you want to be fully sick just block it off so you get flutter and de restrict your cat with a screw driver so you get some nice flameage, all for the price of a 600ml coke. I'm running new greddy bov plumbed back at 18 psi and you can only hear it on full boost gear changes (upgraded to hold boost better)

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