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David Gilchrist

how to complete my S15

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hey all just looking to get a second opnion.


recently bought my 1999 spec r 200sx and thus far i have done the following mods:



sports suspension


18" multi spoke wheels (similar to BBS style) with fairly decent dish


HKS blow-off




full nismo exhaust front to back


aftermarket rear lights.



There are a few things bugging me about the car i.e. 2x the speaker dont work and i need to replace the VVTI cam gears and clutch soon.



What im trying to go for is JDm style s i am thinking of getting some aftermarket coilovers to lower the car a bit more then a rear camber kit. Nothing too crasy at all just to put it on edge with the wheel lip and stretched tyres.


i'd also fix the stereo, VVTi gears clutch and look at getting a tune.



Any suggestions on what you think looks good?


i'm in love with s15 with rear camber and i'd really prefer that


At the end of the day i'm a young bloke where this is going to be my one expenditure so i want it to be appealing both performance wise and in stance.

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Number one rule for the wise is to never publish photo's of your car that show your number plate. especially with what mods you have. It exposes you to thieves and also the chances of being EPA'd ( defect inspection ) by mail. It has happened in the past and will again. Just delete/blur the number plate part of your pics.


You need to give us a little more info on your wheels and tires also. Like the width, offset and also your tire size front and back.

That's just for starters.

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