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JDM EOM Meet Up 29.11.11 tonite

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NSW] JDMST EOMM - Nov 29th @ EQ


JDMST EOMM Tuesday November 29



The Entertainment Quarter

Top Level Car Park $6 parking

Entrance Gate A Lang Rd.


We know it's hard not give it a hit on the way in, or out of a JDMST meet, but we're at our ends with security at Fox Studios/EQ. We've had people do burnouts in the carpark, drive way past the 8km speed limit within the carpark and many people hitting it on the way out of the carpark too. It's all going to come to a close if continue to look like hoons in their eyes so please just take it easy and don't be the guy that ruins it for everyone else.


Please respect staff on location, business property owners, residents in the surrounding area, security and the police.


When entering, existing, or partaking in a JDMST EOMM, there is to be:

- NO engine revving

- NO burnouts

- NO loud music

- NO inappropriate behaviour


Anyone Going to this thats from the West Sydney area ? Mabe we could pre - meet some where.
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