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GKTECH Stainless steel 7 layer SR20 exhaust manifold gaskets @ $26


sr20-gskt1_TB.jpg sr20-gskt2_tb.jpg


This multi layer stainless steel exhaust manifold gasket is a direct replacement of the standard unit and is an upgrade from your general carbon composite manifold gaskets which are prone to blowing out.


- Race tested and a proven performer

- Replacement for Nissan part 14036-75F00

- Fits all SR20 applications




Will this gasket fit an SR20DE?

Yes, these gaskets will fit the complete SR20 range of engines including the SR20DE.


Have you tested these gaskets under extreme conditions? Ie. Race, drift etc?

Yes, we sure have. A number of drift cars competing in ADGP in 2011 (the year we first released these gaskets) were using our exhaust manifold gaskets with great success.


What is the advantage of the 7 layer gasket over the single piece gaskets that are available on the market?

The 7 layer stainless steel gaskets compress however retain their strength. Graphite gaskets as fitted on the S13 and S14’s from the factory are prone to blow outs whereas the 7 layer like fitted to the S15’s are much more reliable and are also reusable.


$26 introductory price - HUNDREDS IN STOCK NOW








Click the link here and add the item to your cart:






Greg Kruse - GKTECH


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