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R34 Gearbox 5Th Gear Synchro May Need Replacing

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Hi every1, my boyfriend recently bought a 34 gtt as his daily.


He noticed that under any load, 5th gear is starting to get resistance while trying to put it in.


It is okay when driving around town, but when on freeway its obvious. Doesnt happen when shifting down, only up in to 5th.


Had a similar issue with my 350z and had to get the box rebuilt and a new synchro put in to fix it (cost me $1500).


But my 350z would crunch hard, this doesnt. There is a slight noise but still slots in pretty easily.


Im assuming the synchro for 5th is on the way out, any1 have any suggestions where is the best place to take it and a idea on cost? He is located in Rouse Hill in Sydney.


Still deciding whether to fix it or just try and live with it until it completely breaks.


Thanx in advance.

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